Posted by Mandy Bell

Camilla | And God created Woman

I'm dying right now!!!  I don't think I have been in awe of a look book like this one by Camilla!  Her 2014 Winter look book 'And God created Woman' is in my opinion, a masterpiece!

I am drawn to study the entire frame of each image completely; the amazing clothing (of course), the styling is to die for and the setting within each model is placed.  Obvious tribal influences are present; animal prints, fur, feathers and AMAZING head pieces.  But mostly, I am in love with the elements of the East. The models are styled in Camilla's luxurious printed fabrics juxtaposed in true bohemian fashion, some completed with nose and head pieces and gorgeous head scarves.  The shots are finally finished off with amazing props that look like they have been collected from a Grand Bazaar.  I love how there is also little bit of english gentleman thrown in the mix with the top hats! I must admit I'm also chuffed to see one of the models I shot years ago, Sami.  Go girl!!  

Okay, so I'm leaving you with this, so I can look over it again, as I'm sure I have missed out on more in my hurry to bring this to you!!  


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