Summer of Angels | Spell Designs

Posted: Dec 10 2014

Summer Of Angels | Spell Designs


Hooray for this fun summer collection, Summer of Angels by Spell Designs featuring model Ash Smith.

It all came together under the Californian Desert and totally depicts the mix of this collection; fun and lovely with a hint of, what the Spell girls have described Ash as, ‘foxy as hell.’  We love the 70’s vibe with the retro hotel as a background, and clear skies and dusty roads just call for taking a ride down the highway on the back of a chopper.

We love the direction Spell have taken going back to their boho roots with all their playful hippie prints, but not forgetting the girl who loves her summer florals.  And thank you Spell!  For thinking of us in the summer States by adding in cap sleeved playsuits and spaghetti straps!  A cool mix of prints in their much loved playsuits, and a few new little must-haves in tops and shorts for Summer.  And when the sun falls in the sky, the perfect maxi dresses and maxi skirts will give you that boho glam for night.

We are sure you will love this collection, and find yourselves some goodies to last you through the season!


‘Summer of Angels’ – Spell Holiday 14/15. 
Photographer Ali Mitton @alimitton
Muse Ashley Smith @ Society Management
H&M Ashlee Rose @ashleeroseboots
Styling Spell Pennefather + Chloe Chippendale @electricalbannana
Vintage borrowed from our girl Sarah Humphrey’s private collection
Assistant Chance Welton
Film ~ B-Roll Cameron Salvatore | Edit Johnny Abegg | Music MT Warning
Production Dara Siegel from I Heart Reps 


Ride High Singlet

Spell_Angels_ride_high_singlet_4 Spell_Angels_ride_high_singlet_7 Spell_Angels_ride_high_tee_Casablanca_shorts_chambray_1 Spell_Angels_ride_high_tee_Casablanca_shorts_chambray_2 Spell_Angels_ride_high_tee_Casablanca_shorts_chambray_3 Spell_boho_blossom_blouse_lavender_4 Summer of Angels Boho Blouse Spell_boho_blossom_blouse_sage_2 Spell_boho_blossom_blouse_sage_5 Spell_Boho_blossom_gown_sage_6 Spell_Boho_blossom_gown_sage_8 Spell_boho_blossom_maxi_dress_lavender_3 Spell_boho_blossom_maxi_dress_lavender_5 Spell_boho_blossom_maxi_dress_saffron_2 Spell_boho_blossom_maxi_dress_saffron_5 Spell_boho_blossom_playdress_lavender_1 Spell_boho_blossom_playdress_lavender_3 Spell_boho_blossom_playsuit_lavender_1 Spell_boho_blossom_playsuit_lavender_3 Spell_Boho_Blossom_playsuit_Saffron_2 Summer of Angels Boho Blossom Playsuit Spell_Boho_Blossom_playsuit_Saffron_4 Spell_Boho_Blossom_playsuit_sage_1 Spell_Boho_Blossom_playsuit_sage_6 Spell_Boho_blossom_shorts_lavender_6 Spell_Boho_blossom_shorts_lavender_8 Spell_Boho_Blossom_shorts_Saffron_Angels_Ride_high_1 Spell_Boho_Blossom_shorts_Saffron_Angels_Ride_high_2 Spell_Boho_Blossom_shorts_Saffron_Angels_Ride_high_3 Spell_Boho_blossom_shorts_sage_2 Spell_Boho_Blossom_Split_Skirt_Saffron2 Spell_Boho_Blossom_Split_Skirt_Saffron3 Spell_Cactus_rose_tee_dress_1 Spell_Cactus_rose_tee_dress_3 Spell_Cactus_rose_tee_dress_4 Spell_Casabanca_romper_black_1 Spell_Casabanca_romper_black_2 Spell_Casablanca_bralette_bloomers_white_1 Spell_Casablanca_bralette_bloomers_white_2 Spell_Casablanca_Crop_top_bloomers_white_3 Summer of Angels Casablanca Top Spell_casablanca_romper_chambray_2 Spell_casablanca_romper_chambray_3 Spell_Casablanca_romper_white_4 Spell_Casablanca_romper_white_9 Spell_Casablanca_Teddy_7 Summer of Angels Casablanca Spell_gypsy_cropped_tee_2 Spell_gypsy_cropped_tee_3 Spell_gypsy_cropped_tee_casablanca_shorts_black2 Spell_gypsy_cropped_tee_casablanca_shorts_black3 Spell_Sundancer_Cap_sleeve_playsuit_Sunflower_2 Spell_Sundancer_Cap_sleeve_playsuit_Sunflower_4 Summer of Angels Cap Sleeve Spell_Sundancer_gown_blush_3 Summer of Angels Sundancer Gown Blush Spell_Sundancer_Maxi_kimono_Rose_1 Spell_Sundancer_Maxi_kimono_Rose_2 Summer of Angels Maxi Kimono Rose Spell_Sundancer_off_the_shoulder_romper_blush_3 Summer of Angels Off SHoulder Playsuit Spell_Sundancer_Playsuit_Rose_2 Summer of Angels Sundancer Playsuit Spell_Sundancer_Short_Kimono_Blush_3 Spell_Sundancer_Short_Kimono_Blush_4 Summer of Angels Sundancer Kimono Spell_thunderbird_kimono_2 Spell_thunderbird_kimono_3 Spell_thunderbird_maxi_kimono_2 Maxi Kimono Summer of Angels

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