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For the love of Nature | The Freedom State

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For the love of Nature | The Freedom State

This Easter Weekend!

For so many of us here in Oz, Easter has the tradition of long weekend camping with the family as young kids, camping with other families as we got older, and camping with our buddies once we reached independence- yay!

How much fun is it laughing and of course arguing, as we help one another set up for the weekend; some of us being more skilled at others, and finally everyone is settled in.  Time to light a fire for the night, or throw a line in if a river is close by.  How restful and energising is it, to be so in touch with nature, if only for a few days and nights, and reconnecting with family and friends over the firelight and the sweet sounds of our surroundings.

We recently took our Muse Taylor out to our fave spot close by to shoot some of our current pieces in store with a whimsical gypsy feel; our Stevie May lace dresses teamed with our new Brixton collection of hats that go perfectly together.  Wildfox’s recent campaign also had a wanderlust vibe, with sweaters that are so perfect for a getaway. Grace Bijoux gives us the final details in fine body chains, and Arrow Divine adds a beachy touch with her chokers.

Check styles out below captured by Catie Allen of our muse Taylor Maclean

freedom dusk  CatieAllen-12 freedom dusk  CatieAllen-11 Fallen Broken Street the Progressfreedom dusk  CatieAllen-2freedom dusk  CatieAllen-3freedom dusk  CatieAllen-4freedom dusk  CatieAllen-5freedom dusk  CatieAllen-6freedom dusk  CatieAllen-7freedom dusk  CatieAllen-8freedom dusk  CatieAllen-9freedom dusk  CatieAllen-14freedom dusk  CatieAllen-15freedom dusk  CatieAllen-16


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