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We live in the sun, we live for the sun.

Beach hair and freckled shoulders are the looks of the season. These sun-kissed days are here to stay, we’re not willing to let them go. As summer comes to a close we are holding on that little bit tighter to the looks that make those days so irresistible. Light fabrics and simple designs.

Each piece in this collection is perfectly transitioned between sandy beaches and sipping cocktails. She walks in, one foot still in the sand as she looks for the bar. Her drink of choice is definitely a margarita, classic and fun. She yells ‘tequila’ with her friends and as she lets her hair down she attracts the eyes of everyone in the bar. You look away, look back – can’t help but look back at her. Something about her confidence has you captivated.

Light prints with leather jackets, style it with rocker boots and a studded belt. Team it all with a black felt hat and you’re ready to take on the coast or the concrete jungle. The best part of this eclectic collection is its ability to compliment your lifestyle. Simply dressed up or down, each piece looks beautiful with a vibrant energy.

Essential pieces for travel, our tip is to load your bag with pieces from this collection. You’ll create a perfect wardrobe for layering in winter, showing some skin in summer and you won’t feel that your options are limited. A few pieces with maximum impact make these the ultimate travel pieces.

She’s designed to wander, and these pieces are designed to go with her. Take her hand, let her show you the world. Collared shirts and barely-there booty shorts – she’s your ideal woman. Shades of the sun come drifting in and suddenly she’s gone again.

Inspiration thanks to one of our favourite brands in store, Amuse Society.

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