Posted by Cross Sell

The new Amuse Society collection has arrived!  An intriguing balance of purity, grit and sensuality – the pieces whisper gentle sexy whispers of sultry summer days amidst natural elements and evening rendezvous that blow your mind and ignite your soul.
Intricate details in abundance, in fabrics that kiss the skin and fall like silk.  This collection celebrates freedom and a woman’s essence, and effortlessly emanates an authentic coastal luxe vibe.  Organic lines and natural hues represent every element – the flow of water, the heat of fire, the grounding of the earth and the freedom of the air.  Amuse encourages and entices you to play with wild abandon, love with an open heart and be present in this moment.
We invite you to be mesmerized by this raw and exotic collection.
amuse_07a amuse_07c amuse_07e amuse_08a amuse_08b-1 amuse_08c amuse_08d amuse_08e-1 amuse_08f amuse_10a amuse_10b amuse_13a amuse_16a amuse_16b amuse_16c amuse_17a-1 amuse_17b-1 amuse_18a