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One Delia Slip - Almond CreamOne Delia Slip - Almond Cream
Sold outImpala Lily Shirt Dress - GoldImpala Lily Shirt Dress - Gold
Jamila Dress - MarrakechJamila Dress - Marrakech
Jamila Dress - Marrakech Sale price$ 420.00
Sold outHathaway Dress - Ocean Retro StripeHathaway Dress - Ocean Retro Stripe
Sarah Bias Midi Dress - EmeraldSarah Bias Midi Dress - Emerald
Empire Dress - LapisEmpire Dress - Lapis
Allure Maxi Wrap Dress - RoseAllure Maxi Wrap Dress - Rose
Laurence Mini Dress - Mint GreenLaurence Mini Dress - Mint Green
A Line Dress - Vanilla SkyA Line Dress - Vanilla Sky
A Line Dress - PinkA Line Dress - Pink
Summi Summi
A Line Dress - Pink Sale price$ 139.00
Sold outImpala Lily Mini Dress - IrisImpala Lily Mini Dress - Iris
Leisure Mini Dress - PacificLeisure Mini Dress - Pacific
Sienna Shirt Dress - FuschiaSienna Shirt Dress - Fuschia
Francesca Midi Dress - Ocean PearlFrancesca Midi Dress - Ocean Pearl
Midi Slip Dress - Charcoal FadeMidi Slip Dress - Charcoal Fade
Backless Maxi Dress - CharcoalBackless Maxi Dress - Charcoal
A Line Dress - CharcoalA Line Dress - Charcoal
Georgie Maxi Dress - Sailors DelightGeorgie Maxi Dress - Sailors Delight
Siren Maxi Dress - Sailors DelightSiren Maxi Dress - Sailors Delight
Backless Maxi Dress - Blood OrangeBackless Maxi Dress - Blood Orange
Natalie Slip Dress - SummertimeNatalie Slip Dress - Summertime
Sarah Bias Mini Dress - Lavender DreamsSarah Bias Mini Dress - Lavender Dreams
Lily Silk Mini Dress - LemonLily Silk Mini Dress - Lemon
Verado Maxi Dress - CorfuVerado Maxi Dress - Corfu
Verado Maxi Dress - Corfu Sale price$ 169.00
Verado Maxi Dress - La PazVerado Maxi Dress - La Paz
Verado Maxi Dress - JaliscoVerado Maxi Dress - Jalisco
Julia Mini Dress - TaupeJulia Mini Dress - Taupe
Julia Mini Dress - Taupe Sale price$ 199.00
Sarah Bias Midi - BambooSarah Bias Midi - Bamboo
Astrid Linen Maxi Dress - CharcoalAstrid Linen Maxi Dress - Charcoal
Venetia Maxi Dress - BlackVenetia Maxi Dress - Black
Camille Mini Dress - BlackCamille Mini Dress - Black
Esta Dress Long - CaperEsta Dress Long - Caper
Esta Dress Long - Caper Sale price$ 179.00
Signature Silk Slip Dress - RoseSignature Silk Slip Dress - Rose
Signature Silk Slip Dress - NudeSignature Silk Slip Dress - Nude

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: A Dress for Every Journey

Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure in the life of the coastal Gypsy girl. It's a whirlwind of excitement, where one moment finds you strolling through a garden of flowers in the hinterland in a cute to boot mini dress picnicking with your friends. Then, you're strolling hand-in-hand with your lover along the sandy shores of a deserted beach, clad in a summer silk maxi dress. And let's not forget those wild and carefree festival days, where you dance and sing under the sun in a printed Arnhem Clothing boho play dress. As the day winds down, you gather with friends around a bonfire, wrapped in the comfort of a long sleeve, slouchy Free People oversized boho wrap, or jacket.

The Perfect Dress for Every Occasion: Embrace the Freedom

No matter what the day brings or where it takes you, The Freedom State has the dress that perfectly matches your vibe. If you're gearing up for a festival, look no further than our selection of boho dresses from renowned designers like Arnhem Clothing, and Free People. And when it's time for parties and picnics, keep your eyes peeled for stunning vintage-inspired options from Nine Lives Bazaar and classic mini dresses from Summi Summi. And let's not forget about those dreamy bohemian wedding dresses, adorned with delicate lace designs and exuding hopeless romanticism, courtesy of the incredible label Spell. We've got you covered for every season, allowing you to layer up or strip down your dress to embrace the elements and experience the wonder of each Tran seasonal shift.

Detail and Love in Every Stitch: Uniquely Crafted Dresses

At The Freedom State, every dress is a labour of love, meticulously designed by our labels with attention to detail. From mesmerizing embellishments to tribal-inspired patterns, lace, and crochet, each dress has its own distinct personality. These dresses become an extension of your free-spirited self, sharing your unique story and radiating confidence. As you explore our range, prepare to fall head over heels for our collection of prints that draw inspiration from thrilling adventures, diverse cultures, and the coastal bohemian lifestyle.

From Mini to Maxi: A Dress for Every Style and Mood

Whether you're a fan of mini dresses that exude a younger, playful charm by our label Summi Summi or prefer the elegance of flowing maxi dresses by Rowie The Label, we've got you covered. Our selection includes an array of styles like shifts, slips, tunics, button-down dresses, and play dresses. The Freedom State ensures that there's a dress for every occasion and a style to suit every girl's individuality. We believe that dressing up is an expression of your unique beauty, and our diverse collection is here to empower you to embrace your personal style.

Unveil Your Boho Chic: Explore Our Collection of Dresses

Ready to embark on a dress-filled journey? Head over to our collection at The Freedom State and unveil the boho chic within you. Our dresses are designed to perfectly capture the casual burstiness and complexity of your spirit. It's time to rock those dresses, embrace your individuality, and revel in the casual, non-posh vibes that define The Freedom State. Get ready to set your adventurous soul free!

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