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Flash Tattoos is the brand responsible for launching the metallic tattoo craze!  Jewellery inspired temporary tattoos that can adorn your bare skin and compliment any outfit on any adventure.  Pool parties, beach days, festivals, concerts and special occasions are all flash tatt worthy events.  This company is based in Austin, Texas and owned and operated by Miranda Burnet – Flash Tattoos founder and creative director.  Flash Tattoos began in 2013 with, as Miranda puts it, “a big idea funded by a little credit card”.  Now, it’s a craze that has taken the world by storm and is a favourite accessory amongst celebrities, stylists, bloggers, performers, creatives and more!  With a range that continues to evolve you will not only see collections in gold, silver and black.  Electric hues, vibrant designs and Swarovski crystals are featured too. 

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