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Cleopatra's Bling

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Adele Hoop Earrings - GoldAdele Hoop Earrings - Gold
Aegis Ring - GoldAegis Ring - Gold
Amytis Ring - GoldAmytis Ring - Gold
Angelica Ring - GoldAngelica Ring - Gold
Dina Clarenza Pendant - GoldDina Clarenza Pendant - Gold
Dina Clarenza Ring with Tricolour Gems - GoldDina Clarenza Ring with Tricolour Gems - Gold
Fra Angelico Pendant with Emerald - GoldFra Angelico Pendant with Emerald - Gold
Gorgoneion Peace Earrings - GoldGorgoneion Peace Earrings - Gold
Gorgoneion Protection Pendant - GoldGorgoneion Protection Pendant - Gold
Hecate Hoop Earrings - GoldHecate Hoop Earrings - Gold
Mini Apollo Sun Earrings - GoldMini Apollo Sun Earrings - Gold
Pandaia Earrings With Pearl - GoldPandaia Earrings With Pearl - Gold
Puabi Ring - GoldPuabi Ring - Gold
Sacre Coeur Flames Pendant - GoldSacre Coeur Flames Pendant - Gold
Salus Studs - GoldSalus Studs - Gold
Santuario Pendant Amethyst - GoldSantuario Pendant Amethyst - Gold

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