Friends of The Freedom State


Lokoa ladies are not afraid of adventure. Adorning themselves with colourful handcrafted leather handbags that are like a window to an exotic corner of the world, the brand captures the essence of far-away lands and brings your daydreams into the norms of everyday life. Lokoa is an Australian lifestyle brand based on the Gold Coast and founded by designer and bohemian beauty Brie Shinn in 2009.

Since its humble beginnings as a much whispered about label of vivid colours, chisel cut leather and striking prints, Lokoa has been consistently impressing everyone at The Freedom State with each new collection that Brie releases. We still remember the first time we saw one of Lokoa’s beautiful leather bags, Brie walked in with this fringed bag made from the softest leather you can imagine, with a cool Aztec panel on the flap. It blew everyone away and she had 10 orders within 5 minutes and another 20 by the day’s end, and so; Lokoa was born.

Lokoa boho handbags, purses, wallets, and leather clutches are some of our favourite pieces here at The Freedom State and as long as Brie keeps making them, we’ll keep stocking them. Let your mind be swept away in a daydream as you open the window to the soul of Lokoa.


The team at BrisDigital have been helping to spread word of our bohemain fashion and accessories to all four corners of the earth. Through their marketing and SEO prowess we have been able to enlighten gypsy wanderers all around the globe about our elegant boho clothing and flowing designs. We mention them here as they have been such a reliable and helpful team for promotion and support over the years, and we feel they deserve some exposure for their brand as well, since they have helped in attracting so much for The Freedom State.

If you have a business, no matter how big or small, and need help with any aspects of digital marketing, get in touch with our friends in Brisbane and find out how they can help share your spirit too. From basic stuff like Facebook page optimisation to more advance marketing strategies involving search engine optimisation or Google AdWords management, this team of digital marketing gurus will be able to make a plan to boost your online presence.

If you need advice or guidance, give them a call today on 07 3040 2505 or get in touch via their website to find out more. They'll be more than happy to help!

Jessica Marree 

The Freedom State is so blessed to have the talented Jess Welsh design their artwork.