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Crown Chakra Necklace - Gold

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Colour : Violet / White

Location of the Chakra : Top of the head

BODY : Muscular system, skeletal system and skin.

Function : To enable unity with our own divinity as well as the greater divinity; the source of all things – GOD (or a higher intelligence). The aim is to experience a heightened state of consciousness and a clearer awareness.

If unbalanced, you may experience : Limited consciousness or spiritual awareness, despair, lack of purpose and a sense of life being meaningless. Fear of death, disconnection, narcissism, closed-mindedness, mental illness, lack of coordination and energy disorders. An inability to trust life and see a larger pattern; issues surrounding values, ethics and courage.

Stimulants (how to balance this Chakra) : Bring the colour VIOLET / WHITE forcefully into your life. Practice open-eyed meditation; ask for a connection with GOD. Focus on your dreams; write down your visions and LET GO of anything that limits you.

Affirmation to repeat to yourself : “I AM THAT I AM”…

Charm size : 1cm

Chain length : Adjustable to 52cm at longest length. Option to wear this one chain at 3 x different lengths :: 44cm/48cm/52cm.

14kt gold plated (925 sterling silver base metal)

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