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We’re on the brink of festival season. The time of year when you can wear it all, or nothing at all. It’s not the time for inhibitions – outfits range from layers upon layers to skin on skin. The ideal opportunity to bring out all of your favourite pieces, festivals are the time to bring your A game!

Festivals bring with them an air of confidence, we wear pieces we’ve kept hidden away all year waiting for the perfect moment – we show skin we usually keep hidden and we team patterns that we wouldn’t dare pair any other day.

For us, festivals are about releasing our inner drama – for maximum impact. We lay sterling silver on rose gold, patterned flares on heavily printed shirts with loose sleeves. We wear all of our jewellery, not a single piece left untouched – headpieces, necklaces, rings (all of the rings), bracelets and anklets. We pile them on, the heavier the better.

Clothes are all about the effect – we aim to turn heads to make people wonder. This year we are lusting over festival whites, whether it’s mini white crochet dresses at Blues teamed with a wide brimmed hat by Brixton or Fallen Broken Street and a pair or rocker boots or a delicate lace skirt at Splendour.

We live for the danger, the whiter the better, let the rain fall down and reveal what’s underneath. Let it bare your soul to the surrounds. Everything is risky about a festival – you don’t know what the weather is going to bring, so take it all and wear it all.

Let yourself run wild, try a new look for the day and who knows – it just might stick. This is no time to blend in with the crowd, it’s your time to be up on stage.

For all of our beautiful festival dwellers, we have festival style whites and heavy prints,  jackets, rocker singlets and layer upon layer of festival jewellery. We are your one stop shop to turn heads this festival season!

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