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What is sustainability, especially in fashion?  It's about fostering change towards a more ecological production of fashion.  But it's not just about the fabrics and textiles, it's about the entire manufacturing process and systems involved with fashion.

With many of us looking to add more ethical clothing to our wardrobes or sourcing stores that carry ethical clothing brands, we want to be able to make it easy for you our customer, to shop your favourite styles with us.  Many of our brands are looking at moving towards more sustainable fashion and whether you want to live a more conscious lifestyle or you physically can't wear synthetics, moving towards sustainable fashion is a great way to start your journey to green living.  Here we have curated a collection of clothing and accessories that are crafted from sustainable materials, or natural and organic fabrics.  No synthetics here!

We are proud to support brands moving towards a sustainable Australia.  Arnhem have been working extremely hard in education and awareness for their customers as well as working very hard with overseas manufacturers to get the best look and feel for their products, and you can find out more about their journey here on our blog.  Sienna Byron Bay are receiving many awards and certifications for their Nail Polishes.  Spell are also working hard at making their manufacturing more sustainable as well with many of their pieces being made from Organic Cotton and Linen Blends.  You can see more about Linen on 'How to Introduce Linen into your Boho Wardrobe'.  

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