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Austin Straw Cowboy - Light Brown
Field Proper Hat (Unisex) - SandField Proper Hat (Unisex) - Sand
Field Proper Hat (Unisex) - BlackField Proper Hat (Unisex) - Black
Scottsdale Weather Guard Hat (Unisex) - SandScottsdale Weather Guard Hat (Unisex) - Sand
Scottsdale Weather Guard Hat (Unisex)  - ChocolateScottsdale Weather Guard Hat (Unisex)  - Chocolate
The Inca Bucket Wide - NaturalThe Inca Bucket Wide - Natural
Wesley AW Packable Fedora (Unisex) - BlackWesley AW Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Black
Wesley AW Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Light MossWesley AW Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Light Moss
Messer Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Black/Black BandMesser Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Black/Black Band
Wesley Fedora - BlackWesley Fedora - Black
Wesley Fedora - Black Sale price$ 89.95
Messer Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Dark EarthMesser Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Dark Earth
Seashells Fedora - NaturalSeashells Fedora - Natural
Desert Rose - TanDesert Rose - Tan
Lack Of Color
Desert Rose - Tan Sale price$ 139.00
The Inca Fedora - NaturalThe Inca Fedora - Natural
The Inca Bucket - SeashellsThe Inca Bucket - Seashells
Messer Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Light MossMesser Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Light Moss
Range Cowboy Hat - BlackRange Cowboy Hat - Black
The LOC Cap - AlmondThe LOC Cap - Almond
The LOC Cap - Washed BlackThe LOC Cap - Washed Black
The Inca Bucket - Criss CrossThe Inca Bucket - Criss Cross
The Oasis - BoneThe Oasis - Bone
Lack Of Color
The Oasis - Bone Sale price$ 149.00
Austin Straw Cowboy - BoneAustin Straw Cowboy - Bone
Field Proper Straw Hat | Tan/Tan
Double S Cap - Pesto (RESTOCKED)Double S Cap - Pesto (RESTOCKED)
Sol Cap -  Sand (RESTOCKED)Sol Cap -  Sand (RESTOCKED)
Sol Cap - Saffron (RESTOCKED)Sol Cap - Saffron (RESTOCKED)
Messer Fedora (Unisex) - RockMesser Fedora (Unisex) - Rock
Messer Fedora (Unisex) - IvyMesser Fedora (Unisex) - Ivy
Wesley Fedora - BrownWesley Fedora - Brown
Wesley Fedora - Brown Sale price$ 89.95
Rancher - TeakRancher - Teak
Lack Of Color
Rancher - Teak Sale price$ 149.00
Holiday Bucket - Beige CanvasHoliday Bucket - Beige Canvas
Wave Canvas Bucket Hat - BlackWave Canvas Bucket Hat - Black
Field Proper Straw Hat | Natural/BrownField Proper Straw Hat | Natural/Brown
Palma Boater - Straw NaturalPalma Boater - Straw Natural
Messer Western Fedora - SandMesser Western Fedora - Sand
Wesley Fedora - Sand BrownWesley Fedora - Sand Brown
Raffia Cowboy - Natural (RESTOCKED)Raffia Cowboy - Natural (RESTOCKED)
Messer Western Straw Fedora - NaturalMesser Western Straw Fedora - Natural
Wesley Fedora - Dark TanWesley Fedora - Dark Tan
Messer Fedora (Unisex) - SandMesser Fedora (Unisex) - Sand
Messer Fedora (Unisex) - Dark EarthMesser Fedora (Unisex) - Dark Earth
Rancher Special - TeakRancher Special - Teak
Seashells Boater - NaturalSeashells Boater - Natural
Rancher - Burnt OrangeRancher - Burnt Orange
Wesley Straw Packable Fedora - TanWesley Straw Packable Fedora - Tan
Messer Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Desert PalmMesser Packable Fedora (Unisex) - Desert Palm
The Spencer FedoraThe Spencer Fedora
Wesley Fedora - Heather StoneWesley Fedora - Heather Stone
No matter the season, the occasion or the time of day a good fedora hat can amp up your style in a second. The Freedom State understands every boy, girl, woman and mans need and want for a hat that is made with care, styled with expertise and crafted in quality materials to last a lifetime and endure endless adventures. That’s why The Freedom State has sourced top labels in hats: Fallen Broken Street, & Brixton. Whether it’s a straw hat for beach days, a fedora hat for everyday or a special occasion hat, you will find it here. In bold statement colours of black, wine, espresso, teal and ink to soft subdued hues of grey, lavender, light olive, dusty blue, camel and plum. Finely finished with detail and love for you to wear your way. In the extensive range there is a hat for your every boho outfit, and every gypsetting adventure. There are boyfriend hats, festival hats, beach hats, dance the night away hats and sailing the seas hats! Find your perfect hat (or 2 or 3) and complete your bohemian look, and way of life, with ease and style.

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