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This beautiful jewellery company is the works of metal-manipulator and gem-positioner, Yonna Derofe. Raised in Istanbul, Turkey in the cultural jewel that has linked the silk routes of Asia to the West for centuries. Inspiring merchants, poets, pilgrims, crusadors and artists from all walks of life with its beauty, diversity and bountifulness.
Yonna spent her days exploring Istanbul’s ancient streetscapes, absorbing the rich tapestry of sights, sounds and smells. Before she knew it she was immersed by the diverse blend of cultures and stories sewn into the fabric of Turkey. Yonna collected treasures, made memories and drew inspiration from the wildest corners of Turkey that is represented in her amazing craftsmanship as a jeweller today.
Yonna moved to Byron Bay to take her experiences of Turkey to another beautiful place, and share her jewellery wisdom with the bohemian capital of the world. Temple Of The Sun jewels are symbolised by moons and traditional Turkish eye’s, with classic golds and silvers that surround exquisite blacks and blues and greens. This jewellery speaks to the traveller, the dreamer, the artist and lovers of a life lived beyond the borders with each piece designed and carefully handcrafted to reflect a timeless bohemian elegance.

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