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Temple of the Sun

Introduction to Temple of the Sun - A Unique Australian Jewellery Label

Temple of the Sun is a renowned Australian jewellery label known for its unique and exquisite jewellery designs inspired by ancient civilisations and natural elements. With a focus on sustainable and ethical practices, Temple of the Sun has gained recognition for its commitment to creating beautiful, high-quality fine gold, sterling silver and 18k vermeil gold jewellery with a conscious approach.

Founder and Inspiration

Founded by Yonna Derofe in 2014, Temple of the Sun draws inspiration from Yonna's background in fashion design and her love for travel and spirituality. Each jewellery piece is meticulously crafted using traditional artisan techniques, combining precious metals such as sterling silver and gold with ethically sourced gemstones to create timeless and meaningful jewellery.

Intricate Designs and Symbolic Motifs

The label's jewellery collections feature intricate detailing and symbolic motifs, reflecting the harmony between nature, spirituality, and contemporary design. From delicate necklaces and earrings to statement rings and bracelets, Temple of the Sun offers a diverse range sterling silver, and gold jewellery pieces that appeal to individuals seeking unique and meaningful accessories.

Freedom State Burleigh Heads - Embracing Conscious Fashion

By featuring Temple of the Sun jewellery in store, Freedom State Burleigh Heads aligns itself with the label's commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and timeless design. Customers visiting Freedom State can explore the captivating pieces created by Temple of the Sun, discovering the beauty and craftsmanship behind each item.

A Shared Commitment to Conscious Fashion

The partnership between Temple of the Sun and Freedom State Burleigh Heads highlights the shared values of both brands: a dedication to conscious consumption, a celebration of artistic expression, and a commitment to supporting ethical and sustainable fashion. This collaboration offers customers an opportunity to engage with Temple of the Sun's distinctive jewellery and further supports the growth of conscious and responsible fashion in the industry.

Timeless and Meaningful Aesthetics

Whether you are drawn to the symbolic motifs, the intricate craftsmanship, or the sustainable ethos behind the brand, Temple of the Sun's jewellery embodies a timeless and meaningful aesthetic. As a proud stockist, Freedom State Burleigh Heads allows customers to experience the beauty and allure of Temple of the Sun's creations firsthand, encouraging a connection to nature, spirituality, and the inherent beauty of well-crafted jewellery.


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