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Free People sure does have a story to tell, starting with a man named Dick Hayne in the 1970’s. Dick opened a shop that catered to all the ‘free people’ and was nurtured by the vibrant youth in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This shop’s name was Free People, and it was a clothing shop that was shopped at by the ones who felt free in the world.
Later on, Free People changed its name to Urban Outfitters, which Dick’s wife, Meg began to run. Urban Outfitters decided to take on more of a wholesale line. It was very well received, so much so that Dick separated the businesses. For a while, the wholesale line took on many personalities: Bulldog, Ecote, Cooperative, Anthropologie, and then in 1984 a new life was breathed into the name Free People. And that's them.
In 2001, they realized that it was Free People that invoked some of Dick and Meg’s favourite images, those of femininity, courage and spirit – it was time to get back to their roots. This is obvious through the products that come out of Free People today, screaming to the 20-something woman who is creative, confident and free while being adventurous at life.

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