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Chloé is the French fashion house that is at the core of modern bohemia. It is Chloé that continues to inspire the palettes and silhouettes of the everlasting free-spirited designs that are appearing more and more frequently throughout modern fashion culture.

Chloé’s SS16 campaign has us dreaming of a summer city, drenched in sunlight to bask in … cobblestone streets filled with artisan markets and buskers. It has us lusting over pastel colour palettes with bursts of bold – the perfect personality.

The spirited optimism of this campaign perfectly captures the essence of The Freedom State girl - wild, smiling and bathed in sunlight. She runs free, weightless material flowing endlessly in her wake. She looks back only to bask in the colours trailing her freedom.

With girls glowing in the sunshine, their individual style shines through amongst grace and loyalty. Capturing the core of what we do, embracing each individual look – embracing shape, size and taste.

We are lusting over long shapes, full length dresses caught in the wind, bold and colourful blouses for every occasion and cut-off denim with large, round sunglasses – sunlight reflecting off them.

Open sleeves, winged to the knee have us in a wonderland, sitting on balconies sipping champagne with bold leather bags and views of the city. Gladiator sandals fit for the Greek islands add to the relaxed, layered vibe.

We live for the essence of bohemia, for collections by designers that transport us into the romance of another world. We could be floating along the Mediterranean, eating pastries in Paris, embracing the colour of Mexico or sitting right here on our home shores, on the white sand of Byron Bay.

Each pattern and colour, perfectly placed with intention to create soul and spirit within each garment. This is what we dream of, this is what we’ve been given and what we live to share with you.

Chloe SS16-Chloe SS16-2

Chloe SS16-3Chloe SS16-4Chloe SS16-5

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Chloe SS16-8

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