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Comfortably Stranded | The Freedom State Autumn ’15

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Comfortably Stranded | The Freedom State Autumn ’15


Imagine being broken down and lost off the beaten track, with only your favourite bohemian pieces. That isn’t too bad, right?

Our latest Autumn Campaign, Comfortably Stranded, takes us on a journey as our muse Sophie, heads out in her car humming along to her favourite Led Zeppelin tunes, but soon finds herself broken down on the side of a road. Passing time she knows that soon a car will pass by to help, so she turns up the volume.

Passing time is easy when she has good tunes and spare clothes in the back seat.  Each new song brings fresh inspiration, and so she plays along as each song sets the vibe. The gorgeous bell sleeves of her Savannah Shirt catch the breeze, while the floaty fabric falls from her shoulder as she dances in the grass.  Heavy guitar has her donning her Fallen Broken Street Hat and Free People overalls, for dancing on the bonnet of her Merc!

One album down and she’s ready to ditch the car. Wearing Lokoa in all of it’s suede love, a Free People floaty skirt and Three of Something’s white cropped precision, she is soon hitch-hiking in style.

Her rescuer soon pulls up offering a ride fresh from the salty beach. He is playing The Beatles and comments on how much he likes her hat from Fallen Broken Street. From her Moroccan bag she pulls a map of where she broke down. He takes her back to her car to help her get back on to the road.

She waits in the Autumn air whilst sitting on An Enchanted Life mandala throw and makes daisy chains thinking of what may transpire. She notices her Grace Bijoux jewels catching the sunlight as clouds break in the sky.   Ready to move on, she changes into her Fleetwood Lace Romper and pairs it with her favourite velvet Free People boots.

Feeling refreshed, she is feeling energised with her car anew, but in need of a hearty meal and a cold beverage.  A perfect opportunity to offer her mystery man thanks for fixing her car, and so conversation starts…

 Featuring: Free People | Spell Designs | Amilita | Fallen Broken Street | Lokoa | Supa Sundays | Three Of Something | Grace Bijoux | An Enchanted Life | Wildfox

Photography- Kane Skennar
Model- Sophie Applegarth (Dally’s) & Harry
Stylist- Kate Boyd
HMU- Angie Barton
Film- Tyson Lloyd

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