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Beach to bar | the looks you'll love...

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We share with you our top 10 picks to take you from beach to bar in serious summer style, in the blink of an eyelid, with ease and grace.
One of our favourite topics, without a doubt, as the weather warms, the days lengthen and the nights become sultry and vibrant. Lets go!
Imagine… It’s a beautiful summer morning, the birds are chirping, the waves are gently rolling in; not a cloud in the sky, you can smell summer in the air and feel the sun kissing your skin! What a day!
You want to embrace this day, this moment and live with wild abandon, a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. You grab your Juju & Co slouchy bag in natural and begin gathering up all your beach essentials, not forgetting your new Amuse Society Verano Beach Blanket, which triples as a towel, a picnic rug and a cosy, stylish blanket when the sun begins to set. You can feel the beach calling and the ocean whispering sweet salty promises, so you pop on your Amuse Society Rosita Triangle bikini top and Raquel High Waisted bottoms. You reach for your ‘go to’ beach cover up, Freja Shirt by Rue Stiic, and slip into your most comfy summer slouch shorts in soft grey by Rue Stiic.
As you joyously walk out your door with the delicious anticipation of a relaxed beach day you grab your Fallen Broken Street Bambi hat and Supa Sundays Austin Sunglasses. You are set, barefoot and free – ready for an easy breezy day.
Just as you’re about to close the door you have a thought…how perfect it would be to finish the day with sunset drinks at the bar. You know you will beach it all day with your best girls and will need a quick change for the bar, so you dash in the door not wanting to waste a second of this beautiful day and quickly pull out your Spell Sienna Slip On Maxi and your Free People Anouk Embroidered Mini. These two dresses have served you well for summer evenings at your favourite local bar, you trust in their coastal luxe vibe and effortless style – the only thing that’s hard is the decision of which one to wear. You hang them on your clothes rack ready to go and think of pairing with wedges, a lick of mascara, a dash of lippy and a sprinkle of bronzer. You can’t help but admire their beauty, but the day is calling and the beach is waiting. You will be back to enjoy their wonder and casual elegance just before sunset…
How grateful you feel for summer days and nights to cherish in style and grace. Happy days!
The Hat
The Bikini
The Dress
The Bag
Big love, TFS xx  

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