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Article: Saya Skincare Review: Body Crème Shea Butter & Coconut

Saya Skincare Review: Body Crème Shea Butter & Coconut

Saya Skincare Review: Body Crème Shea Butter & Coconut



Saya was born in a small kitchen along the Sunshine Coast, after experimenting with the highest quality plant-based ingredients and the idea of bringing an honest approach to natural skincare.


Saya's Shea & Coconut Body Crème is formulated with natural, skin-loving ingredients, including shea butter, macadamia oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil. There are no difficult-to-read additives, leaving you with peace of mind that what you're putting on your skin is nourishing beneath the surface.

Saya Cream

The fresh coconut scent transports you to the tropics, where dry skin is a thing of the past. Each butter and oil included in this luxurious skin recipe was carefully selected to provide nourishment and promote skin elasticity.

 Saya Ceream

As we aren't usually ones to follow the label, we decided to take the product for a three-day test to see if that soft, supple skin feeling stuck around after application.


All I could think about after the first application was the delicious coconut scent. Usually one to avoid any products on the skin – steering towards sporadic applications of coconut or shea butter only – it felt amazing smoothing the cream onto my body. My skin was immediately hydrated and soft to touch.

After spending a short 20 minutes lost between the pages of a book, the cream had helped catch and magnify the afternoon sun, leaving me a little browner. No complaints here. 



I reapplied the cream after my morning shower, though it still felt softer-than-usual from the day before. It glided on, rather than sticking to my dehydrated skin like it did previously. My skin was left soft and not slippery, which is the key to feeling comfortable all day long – especially under the Gold Coast sun.

The scent soaks in and becomes almost unnoticeable, which I really like. There's nothing worse than having a strong and overpowering product on your skin because you can't escape it. The high-quality natural ingredients ensured I didn't get any perfume-grade head spins.



The product didn't soak in as quickly this morning, leaving me feeling fresher for longer. This is most likely because my skin was hydrated below the surface from the days before. I went for a relaxed walk in the sun, which made it sink in a little quicker, leaving my skin soft to touch.


Even though I have an oily skin type, this cream provided much-needed nourishment to my skin. It never left me feeling greasy or worried about it surfacing while sitting in the sun, which I have experienced with some products in the past.

The scent still excites me when I open the jar, so I'll be purchasing one to keep in my bathroom cupboard, in my most-loved row of everyday products.

Words by Jamie-Lee Rowley

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