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Article: Vegan Nail Polish | Why we love Sienna Byron Bay in Australia

Vegan Nail Polish | Why we love Sienna Byron Bay in Australia

Vegan Nail Polish | Why we love Sienna Byron Bay in Australia

Sienna In hand

How good is the feeling when you purchase an item that's organic or eco-friendly and it actually works?  That's just one of the reasons so many customers love Sienna Byron Bay's range of vegan nail polishes in Australia.  But not only that, as a stockist we get to know the people behind the brand, which really means a lot to us as we like to know our brands are really genuine about their products.

The team behind Sienna Byron Bay work hard, really hard on creating a premium brand that delivers exactly what it promises.  In doing that, they have gained numerous certifications giving their customers certainty that they are purchasing products that are everything they claim to be, while still looking amazing!

Hands in Sienna

We recently had a quick chat with Danielle, founder of Sienna Byron Bay about their recent achievements.  Even in that time, Sienna Byron Bay had just been confirmed as B-Corp as well.  This is huge as they 'basically do an ethical audit of the WHOLE company, even down to how much we pay our staff vs how much we pay ourselves'.


You already have a number of certifications under your belt, how does it feel to be Australia’s first Nail Polish Company to achieve this certification globally?

  • It's great. We’ve always been the cleanest on the market without using Benzophenone-1 and with all the greenwashing in todays world, this is a great certification to clarify our clean status.


Was it a difficult process to achieve this accomplishment?

  • It's always a bit if a process with all certifications. This one was not too hard – we had to submit our documentation including production processes and ingredients and they have a look through it to make sure there is nothing untoward.


Where to next for Sienna?!

  • We have just become a certified B-Corp brand! This one was HUGE. It’s taken near on 3 years to go through all of the paperwork and dot our I’s, cross our T’s. This is an ethical audit of the WHOLE company. They look at EVERYTHING. And they hold you accountable for good. If anything changes you are legally bound to make sure they’re in the loop and they continue to watch you closely. Another fabulous certifications and we’re one of two nail polish brands world wide to get this! We have more in the works too. More certifications, more colours and more general awesomeness.

Green Polishes 



Sienna is extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation. Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Certified B Corp

Safe Cosmetics Australia

Acting as a consumer voice and third party for brands, SCA is continuously propelling the beauty industry to exclude and restrict potentially harmful chemicals from their products. Safe Cosmetics Australia is calling all brands to provide ingredient transparency and to leave out chemicals that are known to be toxic or associated with triggering allergies and skin irritation. SCA campaigns to improve the standards of cosmetics, personal care and household products. Governing the terms Australian Certified Toxic-Free®, Made Safe® and Allergy Certified® SCA’s registered Australian trademarks are licensed to brands that pledge to uphold greater manufacturing principles.

Australian Made

The Australian Made Campaign is designer to inform consumers where the products they are purchasing originate from. It ensures the quality of the product is high, as it has been manufactured to the high Australian standards. There is a direct correlation between consumer purchasing behaviour and employment, local economic development and prosperity. When you purchase Australian Made, you are supporting your local community, building the Australian economy and putting more Australians in jobs.

Choose Cruelty Free Australia

Choose Cruelty Free is an independent, non-profit organisation that campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, and accredits cruelty free companies. CCF is designed to;

— encourage manufacturers to adopt a cruelty-free ethic

— make people aware of their power as consumers, to change attitudes about animal testing

— provide a widely-recognised cruelty-free logo that consumers and manufacturers can identify

Vegan Action

Vegan Action is a non-profit organisation and has one of the most visited and widely-known vegan websites in the world. The organisation works in eliminating animal suffering, reduce environmental impacts and improve human health through a vegan diet.



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organisation in the world. PETA is very visible in public action through education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue and protest campaigns. The Beauty without Bunnies program is a resource where conscientious shoppers can search for cruelty free products, and know they are helping save animals from the excruciating tests they are victims of with unethical brands.

Halal Australia

Certified through Halal Australia as there is no animal harm in the production process of any Sienna Byron Bay products.


White Vegan Nail Polishes


With many certifications now under their belt, Sienna Byron Bay is a brand you can trust delivers on all their promises as a Vegan Nail Polish brand.
We have been stockist of Sienna Byron Bay for many years now and our customers will agree that this Nail Polish really works!  They have a huge offering of seasonal colours that will appeal to everyone.
If you want to learn more, Sienna Byron Bay regularly post on Instagram about various topics on their polishes and nail care.  Click here to learn more.
Instagram Sienna Byron Bay 


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