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Article: The Petty Fedora by Brixton

The Petty Fedora by Brixton

The Petty Fedora by Brixton

Our focus this time is on the Petty Fedora by Brixton.  A quiet achiever that is gaining momentum with the rise of structured hat styles.  We asked Ness our resident hat aficionado her thoughts..

What is your favourite feature of The Petty Fedora?
The band wins that question by a mile. I love that the colours completely accentuate the tan of the wool felt in such a beautiful way. How can you not love that band!! Insane!!

What do you think of the shape compared to other hats in store?
The Petty Fedora is definitely a structured style as opposed to our softer, easy to chuck on hats. This style requires the right head shape and a bit of patience when getting used to the stiffness. It sits on the head as opposed to fitting down on the head. If you want it to feel more snug I would recommend going down a size so it fits down on the head a little more.

So do your think it is suited to guys, girls, or both?
I have and wear this style but I have seen guys love it too so I would have to say both!! I think the fact that the colours are unisex nails it. I can 150% see guys rocking this with their denims and basic white or black tanks.

When would you wear The Petty?
The question is when wouldn’t I wear The Petty?
On a serious note, it is so personal to you and your level of hat love. For me, I feel naked without a hat on so I wear The Petty whenever I get the chance.

What would be your favourite outfit to wear The Petty with?
I love it with my bright / floaty Spell Designs dresses and blouses as it brings the full on colours back down to earth which I adore. I also love wearing it with my high waisted Levi’s and bandit brand tanks for that relaxed outfit day off vibes.




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