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Cool Tidings: Winter Beach inspiration for the Sea Gypsy

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I love it when I'm searching images for inspiration, and I'm taken away to my memories and imagination.  This time, memories took me to a cold and windswept beach in Melbourne. I remembered that overwhelming feeling of energy and invigoration you feel when it's winter, and you are seaside.  You know, the feeling when the salt laced wind is whipping through your hair and on your face, making the tip of your nose so cold it feels like it has literally disappeared. You can't help but smile, whether you are rugged up by a beach fire, or freezing cold running by the shoreline.  Get your feet wet and the salt water makes them sticky, and frozen in a second.  It's the most uncomfortable yet comforting feeling. I hope these winter beach images take you there too.  Rug up, take yourself seaside this winter, and breathe it in..  
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