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Natural Winter Hues

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Natural Winter Hues

Our current winter faves this season at The Freedom State

Taylor and I went on an adventure to pay homage to my most favourite colours.  

I've always been a love of natural colour ways and muted tones, and I've just never bowed to pressure by others to get some colour in my life, because it's my signature style and I love it!  And I firmly believe if you stick to what you like and feel confident in doing just that, you will always feel like 'you'. And why should we try to be any different?

So below is our adventure to find the perfect spots to shoot our winter styles.  And we were lucky enough to have some locals already set the scene at the beach by placing driftwood logs side by side to sit on for themselves, and unknowingly for us (thank you guys!)

All hail the creamy tones and rough textures of this spot that blended perfectly with Spell Design's Aloha Print Skirt, and the green waters and dark grey rocks that were the perfect backdrop for our our knits by Oneoneseven and tees by Mate the Label.

After a quick treck, we were blessed to find the most perfect green and rocky haven as a dreamy set for our new khaki and burgundy tops by Free People and orange pops of colour by Lisa's Closet..  These are the times when we are reminded, sometimes all we need is nature...

You can shop these styles online now!
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