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Article: Bohemian Weddings - Featuring Nesst

Bohemian Weddings - Featuring Nesst

Bohemian Weddings - Featuring Nesst

Bohemian Weddings 

Featuring NESST

In our second post delving deep into the world of Bohemian Weddings we take some time to really get to know the heart of our favourite floral enthusiast Ness Scharkie and her blooming business NESST
Ness, the hands behind it all personally delivers stunning floral arrangements to The Freedom State Showroom weekly where she carefully curates the most complimentary aesthetic and scents that truly add to the showrooms ambience.
We have had the pleasure to collaborate with NESST creating magic every time. Let us share with you a glimpse through Ness's eyes on what embodies the perfect bohemian bouquet and floral embellishments.  having experienced a wedding of her own, there is an understanding of the processes involved when deciding the floral elements and accents that simply bring a wedding together. We love the heartbeat of NESST, find inspiration in the love and energy invested into what is created and indulge in the idea that these bohemian inspired arrangements once dried, could hang delicately upside down on your wall   ~ to remind you over and over of the day your bohemian wedding dreams became a reality.

'My favourite bohemian look is a textured, unstructured style'.

                                                                   - Ness Scharkie.

1. Tell us about the heartbeat of Nesst? 
Mother Nature is the true heartbeat of Nesst. 
I attempt to stick to what is currently in season + also allowing each stem to tell its story. 
It's so beautiful to think that you might have a bunch of roses + each one is slightly different to the next. Kind of like us humans. 
2. What is it about working with weddings you love most? 
There is nothing quite like delivering the brides bouquet on the day + seeing their joy (sometimes happy tears). 
Being trusted is a huge honour. 
However, I like to be honest in saying that Weddings definitely have a level of pressure that can keep you on your toes until you place that last flower on the day. 
3. When working with a bride to create her dream bohemian bouquet , what are the key elements you focus on?
Styling aesethetic + colour is what I focus on firstly. From there I work out what will hopefully be in season + start gaining a better perspective of how I imagine it will all come together. 
I also like to make sure the bride actually likes what they are asking for, not just because it is a current trend on Pinterest. 
I feel that if the couple actually have an attachment to what they are dreaming of it creates a genuine vibe. 
4. Through Nesst's eyes what embodies a bohemian wedding for you? What floral arrangements and details do you offer that recreates dreamy Bohemia? 
For me; my favourite bohemian look is a textured, unstructured style created with earthy toned flora + dried elements that brings the perfect bohemian look to life. Things like feathers also bring another level to the bohemian party. 
5. Which are some of your favourite flowers when creating magic around a bohemian theme?
I loveeeee native flora like Proteas, Banksias, Eucalyptus + delicate filler flowers like Geraldton Wax + then on the flip side I adore Delphiniums, easter daisies, roses, Lisianthus + Carnations (so underrated). 

NESST Floral Arrangements created for The Freedom State showroom  ~  Tying our slice of bohemia all together.


From the NESST IG archives - An ode to the Bohemian Bride.

The hands behind it all on her own wedding day - Beautiful @ness_scharkie


The Stunning @lisadanielle_ and @mr_jamie_green

Beautiful image by @_carlybrownphotography_ for @jujujenke special day. All flower workings by @thenesst 
Image credits: Wilde Visual, Ness Falzon, Pinterest, Alex Ormerod, Fig Tree Pictures, Dean Raphael Weddings, Carly Brown Photography. 

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