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Bohemian weddings - The Bride and her Dress

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Bohemian Weddings

The Bride And Her Dress 

Slightly undone, the road a little less travelled and a non-challant take on bridal dressing that when done well is positively heart skipping. Theres something to absolutely be said for the Brides gracing the isle an utter Bohemian vision, her hairs  imperfectly braided and immaculate, her balmy skin and modest tones on her nails and lips. She's heavenly, every dream she's dreamt has been strung together for that perfect day effortlessly - just like her loosely gathered bouquet of natives and daisies. 
Their day, illuminated with natures backdrop emanates a Bohemian dream with balmy skies and flickering candle light whilst the strumming sounds of Fleetwood Mac bring people together, barefoot and dancing around the amber sunset fire. 
A bohemian wedding holds that special love- magic that whisks you away into carefree oblivion, the dreamiest of dreams.  The Bohemian wedding dress belongs to a whimsical bride, the earthy bride, the bride with the wild soul. This bride walks to the beat of her own drum. 
Her dress is sometimes unconventional, it's open backed, has floral accents, lace panelling and crochet trim. The bohemian wedding dress often has sheer fabrics and stunning embroidery. It's varying fabric can create breathtaking silhouettes and gently falls over the body. Some have the perfect mix of pulled in waists with waterfall or bell sleeves and others have intricate lace that creeps up her neck like a valley vine. 
The Bohemian Bride is a true love of ours - be taken on a journey with this collection of images - and keep an eye out for our next post on Bohemian Weddings coming soon.  
The Bride and her Maids - The Freedom State has you covered for Bridesmaids Dresses and the perfect outfit as a Bohemian Wedding attendee <3. 
We understand that finding the perfect wedding attire can be a headache and exhausting running the wardrobe veto over and over through your head - we've been there! That's why it's important to us to help make the process less stress creating more room for the excitement. We would love to help you create your perfect outfit including dress/outfit and accessories for a wedding and can also talk through Bridesmaid options.
Get in touch with us here for online guidance or visit us in the showroom where we can bring together something special. 
 In the meantime take a look at some of our offerings set to compliment that bohemian love fest ambience - Even the perfect nail polish match!
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