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Article: Choose your weapon | Lack of Color Hats

Choose your weapon | Lack of Color Hats

Choose your weapon | Lack of Color Hats

Choosing the right hat can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield. 

It doesn't help when Lack Of Color have such a wide array of beautiful styles, that you instantly want to take them ALL home and display them on your wall with pride. 
But, really this should be about wearing them more than a new addition to your home! So, lets take you through some of the styles to help your decision making process become that little bit easier.

Straw hats might go hand in hand with Summer, but Lack Of Color have made them so fashionable, you will want to wear them all year round. 

Our TFS girls love the Palma Fedora and The Cove for that beach to bar, cool girl look! Now for the mamas out there, you can't look any further than 'The Vista', 'Island Palma Boater' or 'The Vienna' with their chin strap making running after a child in the wind, that much more manageable! 

Last but definitely not least, be sure to check out the beautiful everyday styles in the Inca Bucket or the Raffia Cruiser. Two pieces that will elevate your outfit to new heights. 

Straw Hats

The resurgence of the bucket hat has sometimes come with mixed emotions from people but for 90% of our TFS darlings, it has been met with love heart eyes. 

It is a style that you can simply throw into your tote for the 'just incase' moments of your day.

So, what do you wear with such a fun little terry towelling hat? 
Playsuits, linen sets, terry sets (why not keep the fun vibes going), floaty dresses, beach attire + so forth! The possibilities are truly endless. The key here is to just embrace the joy in this style. 

Bucket Hats

Most will start their Lack Of Color hat journey with a Wool style and it is no wonder why! They make just the right statement without being outrageously out there. 

It truly is just a heart tug between the fedora or boater styles. 

Fedoras tend to be the more loved of the two, only because their seems to be more options for them and potentially because they are such a classic look. Styles like the Rancher + Mirage offer day to night diversity. The Melodic, Val Diamond + Benson Tri options definitely add sparkles to our eyes for their individual reasons. Think embossed stitching, turned up brims, velvet or suede bands. Heavenly right? 

Boaters are fantastic if you love your hat more front facing. What do we mean by this you ask? Front facing means pushed the crown right down on your forehead so you can see the entirety of the boater from the front. Now, this doesn't stop you from wearing a Boater back on the head for a more fashion forward look but it is always nice to know you have a few ways to wear a Boater style. 

Felt Hats

 Feeling more equipped to make a decision now??? 

See Lack of Color's range in-store

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