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Meet Mama Ness | Mother's Day

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Meet Ness Scharkie, our resident hat + flower obsessed lady love who runs our social media!

You may have met her in our old Burleigh Arcade space a while ago!

Ness became a mama to her cutie Olsen in 2019 + we dive into her motherhood journey so far on this Mother's Day interview!

Ness Scharkie

What's your favourite part about being a Mum?
Asides from the obvious cuddles, giggles + kisses! It is an absolute delight to watch him flourish as he grows. We are at a really fun time where he is trying to speak + leads play time (all day long) haha.

Ness Scharkie

Tell us a bit about Olsen:
He is the perfect amount of independent but as much as he treats life like a ninja warrior course, he does so with enough caution not to give me a heart attack. He has the sweetest side to him which just makes me melt. He already loves choosing his outfit / shoes for the day + thank goodness, appreciates wearing hats. We would have a serious issue if he didn't. Not really, but really ;)

Ness Scharkie

What's been your best experience you have had with your family?
We had a great holiday up to Noosa where we got to take him to Underwater World (he fizzes out over sea animals) so that was really epic to witness. But we are going to our favourite place, Yamba this weekend for Mothers Day so I think that may eclipse it.

Ness Scharkie

What's your biggest fear about being a Mum in 2021?
Asides from the constant worry that my child is going to choke on something. The other thing is (maybe not so mum related fear) is that the housing market doesn't calm its flipping farm soonish. We've been trying for quite some time now to get our little family a home with no luck yet + boy oh boy, is it getting frustrating.

Ness Scharkie

What do you love the most about your family unit?
We keep it real, we communicate, try to use humour when shits hitting the fan + I feel that we spread the parenthood load between each other pretty well. We aren't perfect + thats ok! I think as soon as you realise there is no such thing as a perfect child, parent etc things become a little less daunting. 

Ness Scharkie

Which movie star / celebrity do you identify with as a parent?
I had to ask my husband + friends for advice as I couldn't think of any. 

Luke said Angelina Jolie straight away. "She's a boss - Loving yet protective + let's her kids be their individual selves."

Then one of my best friends Jess said "Chrissy Teigen - Like laughing and joking your way through any scenario with a top bun and cute outfit on."

If only she saw me some mornings haha!

Angelina Jolie and Chrissy Teigen

What do you do to give yourself a break from parenthood?
I actually get a wee bit anxious when I am away from him but I know it is good for the soul when I do. I thoroughly enjoy having cafe or lunch dates with my friends when time allows.

He goes to daycare one day a week + although I get all life admin / work done on that day, I try to have atleast an hour where I do something for me. 

Luke + I have had a few nights away now too, which has been so special for us to step away from parenthood for a hot second. 

Ness Scharkie

What advice would you give to parents using your experiences as a parent?
When someone gives you advice. Take only what you need + leave the rest. Only you truly know what is best for your baby + family.

Ness Scharkie

And what would be the best advice you have taken from your own Mum for parenthood?
I guess this is probably why I said what I said in the previous question.

You know your child best. Don't worry about what others say or how they parent.

Ness Scharkie

Images from Ness herself, The Modern Studio, Bek Grace Photography + good old google for the celebrities. 

Meet Ness at @Ness.Scharkie / @TheNesst or in store on a Sunday + Monday morning when she's busy getting content or writing for us, but she will always happily help you! x x

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