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Article: It's In The Way She Moves - Confidence In Your Sense Of Style

It's In The Way She Moves - Confidence In  Your Sense Of Style

It's In The Way She Moves - Confidence In Your Sense Of Style


This is an ado to woman owning their style - in such a way it's become a sense of self - an outlet of hotblooded creative expression that's pouring out from deep within. 
The element of comfortability spills from knowing your personal style because you've built it around your yourself and that can never be replicated - others can try but theres safety in knowing that individuality in dressing is , idiosyncratic to you and ever evolving!
It's more than fingering the pages of the latest Vogue scouring new looks hot from the runway (NYFW we love you;) ) in order to mindlessly recreate existing styles - it's about individuality for us. 
Picture this!
You don your regular coffee spot on the corner of Bleeker and wherever, seeking to open your eyes enough in search of some inspiration for your otherwise already un luminous day. In stumbles a fresh faced bounding beauty with hair tousling down one side of her decolletage. She's swathed in a red calf length light weight tartan jacket and from what you can see side on, lurex socks and patent lace up boots. Already she had you at THAT JACKET. 
As she makes her way to a table she slings her leather crossbody onto the chair beside her and orders a swift espresso - double with a splash of maple (this woman!). The stylish beauty removes her jacket and exposes her delicate cream silk slip dress falling to just above the knee. Thin spaghetti straps and a dainty soft pink ditzy floral (cue Spells looming Posie collection)  - in which you can't quite tell whether it was a $1 thrifted number circa the 80's or a Prada masterpiece costing my years salary - leaving that question in my mind alone is exquisite enough - right?
This girl, encombered in fine gold jewels that accented the silk immaculately possessed an undone - yet completely chic look that left me wanting to know her, wanting to know where she'd come from and how she attained such confidence on her travels. It was endearing and it was.... completely and utterly SEXY. 
As her rose tinted lips polished her double espresso she gathered her things, owning 'scantily clad' in her silk slip, slinging her jacket over her arm she left the building. Though never for a day has that fierce fem's confident expression in style left my memory. 
Without a doubt there are some important things to follow when owning your personal style - ultimately accepting and believing in yourself is number one - from here the rest is simple!
RULES ARE FOR FOOLS - Let's face it, there isn't a lot to say about following the fashion rule book, except to admit it ain't all that fun! Let your hair down, mix prints and textures and recreate your own style through inspirations drawn from present and past, push your limits a bit with that feels 'comfortable' and own it.
PUSH WHAT OTHERS THINK TO THE WAYSIDE - For the ones that are on the same wavelength will hail you and for the ones revelling in the hope to be as fearless as you will use you as inspiration.
 UNFRIEND 'COMFORTABLE LIMITS' - Try to wear the styles that you've always wanted to, yet are too afraid too. Mix it up in your own way and make it your own! There is freedom in this :). 

Want amp up the volume? We will show you how to take some of our New Arrivals from day to night in a flash HERE 
Jungle Nights - The Freedom State the label will have you pushing the limits. 

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