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Article: Summer Must Haves - A Simple Guide To Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer Must Haves - A Simple Guide To Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer Must Haves - A Simple Guide To Your Summer Wardrobe

It's time to shake off the wooly layers and lose the winter skin in the Southern Hemisphere and we thought we'd bring together a simple guide to help you don your perfect effortless Summer wardrobe.

Summer in Australia means long hot days meandering the shores of unpopulated and vast beaches that stretch as far as they eye can see. Camping is often on the menu, setting out to stumble across a little secret oasis to set up for a while where you can laze about in the sun bleached sand for hours and drink in the majestic blistering sunsets.
It also means scrambling through masses of holiday goers on over populated beaches to secure your 'spot' for the day under the unforgiving blazing sun. It's flustered humid mornings where your makeup that you just applied is already melting down your eyes and your cars aircon decides to break down in the middle of the days heat! It's long balmy days stretched out on hot concrete - it's creating memories of a quintessential Aussie Summer.
Theres pro's and con's to having an unforgiving Summer, though one thing we know for sure is Summer dressing can be a lot of fun if you've created a wardrobe that's effortless, breezy and stylish. It's important to have key peices taking you from the beach to dinner easily without having to rush home first - after all we think Summer is a time to be foot loose and fancy free! Spontaneous!
Here's our 'Must Have' list to build your perfect Summer Wardrobe around. From here the rest is simply - a good old time.




The Slip Dress 

It's become a classic staple in recent years - though practically can work in any scenario. Block colour, monochromatic or printed works and a simply throw on cotton button down shirt over the top creates a more relaxed and casual take on a sweaty friendly outfit. Throw on a pair of slides and your good to go. If your taking this look into the night simply wear as it, slip the hair up and instantly you have a sexy body draping look. 







Washed Denim - Shorts, Boyfriend Jeans Overalls or Skirt

It goes without saying that denim and any season works a treat, though a light, boyfriend take on denim for Summer is a sure thing.

Shop Denim Here

The Jumpsuit

It's quite possibly the most freeing and comfortable go-to item of the season and we believe in it whole heartedly. Mix up the tops underneath to re create the look into a multitude of options. There's a time and place for the jumpsuit and its THIS SUMMER!


The Cotton Button Down Shirt

 You can count on this being a go-to for the hot season. It's practical, goes with anything and can recreate a multitude of looks. Invest in this!

Shop Button Down Shirts HERE

Summer Dress

There are no rules, play with lengths, colours and prints keeping it fresh, flirty and free!

The Party Shirt 

Because... Who doesn't appreciate a good party shirt in the festive season? IT'S A MUST.

The Hat That Keeps On Giving

The brimmed kind. Its practical and saving your precious face from the harsh sun AND it polishes any summer outfit day or evening.

Shop Hats HERE



The Carry All Beach Bag 

The all round carry all that's your best friend transporter! It get's along with almost every Summer outfit and it gets better with age ;).

Shop Summer Bags HERE


The Perfect Summer Slide 

It's worth the investment to ditch the Havvies for a chic, summer ready leather (or pleather) slide - seeing you through the days where the sand and road is too hot to bare - and of course to dance in! 

Shop Summer Slides HERE




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