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Article: On Board With Eco - The Consciously sustainable Commitments Of Our Beloved Brands

On Board With Eco - The Consciously sustainable Commitments Of Our Beloved Brands

On Board With Eco - The Consciously sustainable Commitments Of Our Beloved Brands

On Board With Eco

The Consciously Sustainable Commitments Of Our Beloved Brands


 The Freedom State family values our beloved brands that are doing their thing towards eco practicing business <3. We love and appreciate the nature that surrounds us as a local Gold Coast business and the idea of pristine oceans and a waste free planet warms our hearts - dream big they say?


The important questions we should always be asking ourselves before making  purchases from anywhere - Who made this? Was it made in an environment that values our people and our planet? What practices are they true too?

Is this really for me?

 We can't imagine a world without hiking through the clean rainforests or along our stunning pristine coastlines. A planet where we can enjoy and treasure what we've been blessed enough to create an existence in, to commune around a fire together and sit in awe of what a gift we have! 



Sienna Byron Bay  

Sienna Byron Bay, is a brand that we adore and stand behind for their efforts towards being an eco-friendly brand. It's incredibly impressive that Sienna Byron Bay has always been the 'cleanest conventional formula on the market' ensuring the slew of commonly found harsh beauty chemicals never make it into their polish. View the list of nasties here.  
Who Doesn't appreciate a beautifully presented beauty product? Like a bowerbird to it's glittering blue hoard of treasure for some ;). Especially when the innovative approach of the use of a natural textile pulling off a chic design while embodying more than what meets the eye. Sienna's founder Danielle thoughtfully selected the timber for the bottle deriving from a 'pest timber' farmed primarily for the protection of Australia's flora and fauna. Sienna encourages the upcycling and recycling, getting the most out of a product and it's packaging! We love encouraging the 'get creative' approach when it comes to finding a new purpose for your purchases and we really dig Siennas tips on how to do just this here. 
Sienna Byron Bay is a brand we are proud to have in our showroom and online and revel in watching their journey unfold and business and product line expand, all the while sticking to their roots of being an eco loving and practicing business. 










 Arnhem Clothing 

Arnhem Clothing has been a part of The Freedom State family for quite some time and we have really loved and taken inspiration to the labels full-throttle approach to becoming a conscious and sustainable brand. From the brand's humble emergence in upcycling vintage clothing to a business that's truly in the forefront for sustainably minded and practicing business. 

'We must act together to make meaningful changes and minimize our impact on the planet. I believe in a future full of beauty for my children and future generation.'

                                -Arnhem Bickley, Director. 

 Arnhem Clothing truly does represent a fashion business that's taking it upon themselves to make authentic changes that contribute to sustainability in the fashion world - one of the most environmentally damaging trades globally. Arnhem has been on a creative venture producing fabric blends without compromising on the quality of garments being produced and we have been watching the emergence of this with great admiration.

Within this journey, Arnhem has moulded their focus around three significant points including Raw Materials, Planet and People. Read this here. 
Since May 2017, Arnhem Clothing has donated 1% of sales to non-profit organisations Greenfleet, Take 3 and Rainforest Rescue. All of which are committed to working towards a healthy planet! 
The journey that's unfolded at the Arnhem HQ and beyond over recent years is a result of hard work, commitment and dedication to something that you can see runs deeply through the veins of the brand. We salute!

Golden Brown 

Golden Brown, Byron Bay Hinterland based clothing label (yes, another one! What can we say? Its a hub for creative energy we all know that.)
What Golden Brown encompasses is simple - The synergy of folk meets rock and roll with a strong anti-establishment mindset! And that to us - is a goldmine. We love a label that produces ethically created garments that stay true to their sustainable business ethos and core identity. Golden Brown is a relatively new label for TFS and we love having them a part of our family.
As a label, Golden Brown presents itself in the clothing scene as a certain personality, a non - conformed and solid ideas type with a hip and authentic emersion. It's non-discriminatory and aims to practice in a sustainable and eco-focused environment. 
We love that Golden Brown believes in adding to the cultivation of a society that takes only what it needs, to be environmentally focused and conscious about  steering clear of capitalist culture.  
GB's clothing is ethically, environmentally and sustainably produced in small batches in Bali, where workers are paid above award wages in safe and clean working environments.  The safe disposal of dyes and treatments to avoid run off in to our eco systems is one huge way GB is taking initiative to protect our environment. Transparency is key for Golden Brown's business practice and we dig that! 


 A few images taken by Freedom State gal Bonnie to remind us just how stunning our planet truly is.



The brands we covet that exist in a commitment to doing their part for the venture to a more sustainable world.
Images from Arnhem Clothing, Sienna Byron Bay, Golden Brown and Bonnie Macleod @bonnie__macleod 



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