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Article: Sally Mustang X Mitch Gobel Yoga Mats

Sally Mustang X Mitch Gobel Yoga Mats

Sally Mustang X Mitch Gobel Yoga Mats

Sally Mustang Yoga Mats Now In at The Freedom State!

A steady control of the senses, body and mind can be described in one word: Yoga. Once obtained you find mindfulness. Mindfulness leading to meditation. Connection. Happiness. Light. Yoga, for me, is being the best possible version of myself. When I stand in front of class to teach, all I hope is that I am then helping others achieve this.

– Sally x


Instagram-sensation Sally Mustang is an established artist, qualified yoga instructor, influencer and regular wanderer, best known for her free-spirited attitude and liberated ways. Her online journal adds a splash of colour into everyday life, serving as a reminder not to take yourself too seriously.

When asked what her ultimate goal is, she replies:

I just want to teach people how to be happy. I want to remind people to fall in love with the world. I’m essentially an adventurer and I’m passionate about being creative. I want to leave some colour in this world and I want to stay multi-faceted. I don’t want to know the answer to the question: What will I be doing in 5 years time?


Yoga Meets Art

Sally Mustang X Mitch Gobel yoga mats add the perfect splash of life to your home, local studio or sunrise beach practice. The combination of heartfelt artwork – a peek into the life of Sal and Mitch – and earth-friendly materials create more than an engaging space for your daily asanas.

Constructed from a natural recycled rubber base and topped with microfiber for a slip-free savasana, you can fall into a deep meditation knowing no harmful chemicals are coming into contact with your freshly rejuvenated body.
Ditch non-renewable mats that will leave your muscles tired and your mat slippery. Natural rubber has a greater resistance to tearing when hot, better dynamic performance and won't retain moisture like other synthetic styles.
All you need to finish off the look is some fresh activewear and a towel (hot yogis, you'll thank us). 

Sally & Mitch

Based in the dreamy town of Byron Bay, Sally Mustang and Mitch Gobel encompass the ideal creative couple. Sally specialises in acrylic paint, while Mitch excels in large-scale resin art. Their first piece together My New World is a representation of new beginnings and undeniable connection.
This artwork is lovingly printed as a yoga mat design and is available in-store and online at The Freedom State.
Sally's Story: 
When the mixing and creating began I was silent. Watching, learning, then playing. Silence, while we created, was the one thing Mitch had asked of me. I talk a lot, laugh a lot, yell and in general make a lot of noise but I didn’t even notice or have to try to be silent. From the moment Mitch started, I was in a trance. It’s a beautiful thing to watch someone shine, someone create, someone happy and in a complete world of their own.
I wanted to create something that reflected a landscape that Mitch had taken me to one morning on the Mornington Peninsula. Sandstone cliffs overlooking crystal clear water and reef. This piece was created over a period of 4 weeks and two separate visits to Mitch’s house/studio. It changed as we changed. It became more and more powerful. It became complex and beautiful. It started to reflect not only landscapes that held my heart, but also started to reflect the feelings I had for the guy in front of me working all his magic. 

Mitch's Story: 

My New World was created in July 2015, not long after Sal and I had first met. Both of us being artists meant that this piece was inevitable, which scared me. I’ve only ever let a handful of people watch me create my work, let alone do it with me. I was scared of how I would react to a second opinion and in the back of my mind was the idea that this artwork, this situation, this new experience was going to either be the making or breaking of a relationship with a little blonde gypsy who already had my heart.

My artwork doesn’t just come together, this piece was created over a period of 4 weeks and it’s officially the most detailed and complex piece that I’ve ever worked on. This wasn’t just an artwork, this wasn’t just luck, this represented a new form connection for me and it’s something that I’ll forever appreciate. Since this artwork was created I’m happy to say that our relationship has turned out to be just as pretty, maybe prettier. 

When passion meets paint in a creative and spiritual space, it's no wonder Sally's mats often sell out within days.

GET IN QUICK! Very limited quantities available.

Written by Jamie-Lee Rowley

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