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Sustainability Focus | Spell

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The modern bohemian vibe has taken the fashion world by storm, and one brand that's totally rocking it is Spell. They're all about those carefree, whimsical styles that make you feel like a free-spirited goddess.  They're also super committed to sustainability and conscious fashion practices. 

Spell dress made from sustainable fabrics

When you visit Spell's website, you'll discover their passion for sustainability and the environment. They're all about using eco-friendly materials that Mother Earth loves, like organic cotton and recycled fibres. Plus, they're not afraid to play with colours using low-impact dyes. So you can rock your modern bohemian look with a clear conscience!

But it doesn't stop there. Spell is all about supporting local artisans and traditional craftsmanship. They collaborate with skilled folks in their community, celebrating their talents and keeping those beautiful techniques alive. It's like wearing a piece of art!


"We are proud to say all our global partners abide by a strict code of conduct, and in addition to this we utilise independent certification standards to verify social and environmental compliance and drive ethical change".

Transparency is their middle name. They spill the beans on their supply chain, so you know exactly where your clothes come from. They want you to feel good about your choices and have all the info you need to make conscious decisions. It's like a secret society of sustainable fashionistas!

Spell's commitment to ethical trade

And when it comes to waste, Spell doesn't play around. They're all about recycling and upcycling, turning textile waste into fabulous new creations. They're like fashion magicians, giving new life to what others might toss aside. Now that's what we call modern bohemian magic!

So, if you're into that dreamy, boho-chic look and care about our planet, Spell is the brand for you. They're making sustainability stylish, one enchanting piece at a time. Get ready to embrace your inner bohemian goddess and spread those sustainable vibes everywhere you go!


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