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Article: Lack of Color | Tess Corvaia & their latest collection 'Revolution'

Lack of Color | Tess Corvaia & their latest collection 'Revolution'

Lack of Color | Tess Corvaia & their latest collection 'Revolution'

Whether you are a die hard hat lover, a special occasion wearer, or just appreciate the feel a hat can bring to an outfit (or wall space for that matter), you will appreciate the creativity and cool factor Australian brand Lack of Color brings to the table.


Revolution by Lack of Color


With their latest collection just released called 'Revolution', Lack of Colour takes us back to the 70's, where good times were spent hanging with friends listening to guitar under a tree while enjoying the freedom and relaxed energy of nature.


Lack of Color Hats on the Hillside

Lack of Colour under the Tree with Friends


A sunny afternoon on a grassy hillside, and a 70's inspired abode were the perfect settings for the Revolution Campaign, where models played cards, relaxed poolside or danced away while wearing bang on 70's vintage apparel teamed with hats featuring ribbon trims, scarves or studs in stars and hearts.


Playing cards and Dancing

Poolside Lack of Color

Free Love by the Pool


We wanted to get behind the brand Lack of Color with Tess Corvaia, owner and designer of the brand with her partner Robert Tilbury, to find out more about the inspiration behind the brand and challenges they have faced along the way..

You have a huge following both in Australia and overseas, and you are known for designing unisex head ware that is affordable, wearable and super cool.  What customer did you have in mind when you decided to launch the Lack of Color brand?

Our customer range is so diverse which is something we have always loved about LOC. Got a head? Get a hat. There are no limitations and ANYONE can wear a hat. Ultimately, we had the fashion conscious, trend driven girl in our heads when we came up with the brand, but as the brand and our designs developed, we realised our scope was much broader than this and have expanded our range over the years to accommodate. 

What inspires you when planning a new hat collection?

So much inspires us. From nature to vintage finds. The world and people around us.


Lisa Smith with a vintage feel
Lisa Danielle giving Lack of Color a vintage feel in lace
What do you think are the biggest challenges in designing a new collection for LOC?
I am a Libra so I am quite indecisive, the biggest challenge for me is probably deciding which hats will make it into the range and which hats won’t. I always want to include them all!
What’s your favourite category of hats you love creating?
I personally love creating the wool hats. There’s so much you can do with different colours, ribbons and trims.


Studs on wool fedora hats
If you were to give 1 piece of advice to an entrepreneur considering launching a label, what would it be?
Be prepared to make sacrifices and work extremely hard. Nothing worth having comes easy, but hard work does pay off.


Gypsy One in LOC Straw
Gypsy One in Straw
Who are your muses?
My OG style crushes are still my ultimate muses. Kate Moss, Natasha Poly and Natalia Vodianova.


Gypsy One Rocking a Straw Boater
Gypsy One Rocking a Straw Boater


~ You can shop our collection of Lack of Color styles here online as well as in store.
~ Check out more cool vintage style inspiration in our post 'An Ode To Woodstock - Festival Style Inspiration'


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