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The Bohemian Abode

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The Bohemian Abode

The Bohemian Abode will always have an array of bazaar objects - each telling their own story of how they made their way to being a centrepiece or wall hanging. Kimonos or vintage dresses hang from ceilings and a Persian or Navajo rug almost always ties it all together.

 You know the feeling? The feeling you get when you enter a home and find yourself drawn to the corners of curiosity- Photo heaven, the postcards from far away places, old slide film, coins from around the globe and piled textiles collected over miles on the road less travelled. It's the feeling of being taken on a journey - even a glimpse of the bohemian life - a life that collects memories and uses them to build a home filled of magic and wonder.

Incense dances it's way through indoor foliage growing in mismatched pots and hanging vessels. Earthy and echoey tones fill the house with sounds reminiscent of the open road. Journals filled with memorable encounters and friendships bound by the 'bohemian covenant' spill from shelves. 
It's all in the details. The western boots and feathered hats.Vintage American number plates, eclectic cushions, records and kimonos - the list goes on. And on.  

Don't think. It complicates things.

Just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow it's path.

-R.M. Drake

Ultimate Queen of cool Erin Wasson - has mastered precisely what it means to transform a home into a quintessential bohemian work of ART. 
(See her home featured below).
We invite you you to take a journey through some abodes that inspire us.

We are always adding unique and special pieces for the home so stay tuned and take a peek at our collection HERE  . 


We are always adding unique and special pieces for the home -

Stay tuned and take a peek at our collection HERE  

  ~ For some extra visual inspiration ~ 

Picnic At Hanging Rock - Style Inspiration

 A Bohemians Paradise  



Images sourced - Blogspot, Pinterest.

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