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Wandering Folk x Miimi and Jiinda

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Wandering Folk x Miimi and Jiinda 

exclusive Picnic Rug Collaboration

Wandering Folk x Miimi and Jiinda

Miimi and Jiinda! Melissa Greenwood and her talented daughter, Lauren Jarrett, form this fantastic pair of Gumbaynggirr artists who have launched their exclusive Picnic Rug as a collaboration with Wandering Folk in line with Naidoc Week July 2 to 9 July 2023.

Their creations are like a magical blend of traditional techniques and contemporary flair. From breathtaking Indigenous artworks to beautifully woven pieces and they've even launched their own clothing and homewares label, Ochre by Miimi & Jiinda.  But this time they have branched out creating a gorgeous Picnic Rug for our beloved brand we stock in store, Wandering Folk.


'The symbol in the middle represents a meeting place where people come together and connect.  The circles around the outside are neighbouring tribes, friends and family that journey along pathways (lines) and meet in the middle to share stories, culture, food and celebrations.'

But that's not all the magic we're talking about here. These amazing ladies are also part of the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, making a difference in the culturally rich and biodiverse regions of West and Central Arnhem Land. They team up with Indigenous ranger groups to tackle important issues like environmental conservation and passing down Indigenous knowledge - all while being 100% community-owned!

Through their art and collaboration, Miimi and Jiinda are on a mission to make every Aussie proud of their Aboriginal culture. Their heartwarming stories and creative prowess inspire unity, understanding, and appreciation for our diverse heritage.

Miimi and Jiinda

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