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Mandala Love at The Freedom State

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Mandala Love at The Freedom State!

One of our most favourite things to have arrived to us lately are our Mandala Beach Throws.  Ever so handy for using at the beach, but also as a great blanket to keep in the car, or to decorate your favourite space as a bed throw or wall hanging.

As well as being so pretty to look at, Mandalas themselves offer us so much spiritually.  The meaning comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘circle.’  It symbolises harmony and offers balancing elements visually, which is why it’s a popular tool for meditation. It’s quite hypnotic when you focus on it allowing our analytical mind take a nice well earned break!

No wonder we are so inspired by these amazing pieces of creativity in our western culture, evident in our favourite fashion pieces we wear, as well as our decor for our homes.

We will be stocking these amazing throws all summer so you can fill your space with amazing mandala decor!

Model: Kelly Bignell

1-air-throw 2-ait-throw 3-air-beach copy 4-air-throw-2 Indian Floor Art ground art 11-DSC_0066 copy 12-DSC_0067 copy 13-mandala-throw jeans 15-mandala-fashion Cardi 17 18 Jewellery 20-red-throw Mandala Decor 22-mandala-plates 23-shapes Red Throw The Finatics 24-shamans 25- rocks shamans bed throw DSC_0193 copy




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