Posted by Mandy Bell

Arrow Divine Autumn 2015 | Sea of Moons

One of our dearest jewellery stockists has just released their latest collection, Sea of Moons.  For Arrow Divine Autumn 2015 brought back some of their best selling styles, as well as introducing the new, always paying homage to their beach-boho signature style.

We are so happy the gorgeous ‘Moon and Back’ ring has returned, this time featuring a pretty crystal quartz point in sterling silver or plated gold.  Plus our other faves, the ‘Lunar Eclipse’ earrings, that have the same Crystal charm falling from a crescent moon by a delicate chain.

We are already beginning to sell out of some styles which we will hopefully be repeating very soon!


The Freedom State

Photography: Cait Miers

Model: Mollie Brennan (@molliebrennan6)

Makeup: Tegan for Effloresce Beauty ( + @effloresce_beauty)

Stylist: Sarah Hood (@sarebohemia)

Assistant: Monique Stahl (@mon_stahl)

ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-28_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-31_grande Arrow Divine Autumn 2015 Moon and Back Ring ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-63_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-81_grande Arrow Divine Autumn 2015 Choker ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-100_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-125_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-155_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-158_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-163_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-166_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-175_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-188_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-192_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-213_grande ArrowDivine_Autumn2015-221_grande