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Drifter | Words from The Freedom State

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She’s a dreamer, a late morning sleeper. All eyes follow the draped material that clings to her body, layer upon layer of texture. Everywhere she goes, it floats in her wake, as she wanders it peacefully follows. She’s a Drifter.

We love the girl that’s confident enough to know she can be wearing a floor length dress that covers every inch of skin, leaving only her fresh face glow, and knows that she is still sexy – that every inch is desired and every glance just as luring as if she were sitting only in intimates in a windowsill.

She is brave and demanding, never stepping down in the face of fear, she is bold. Bold enough to know that her style speaks volumes.

 Brands we stock for the Drifter … For Love and Lemons; luxurious maxi dresses, mini dresses for events in lace and burnt velvets. Spell and the Gypsy Collective; for beautiful prints and a mix of bohemian luxury and holiday fee.  Stone Cold Fox; she’s the girl that loves lace with an edginess.  Arnhem, Free People, Grace Bijoux, Arrow Divine and Fallen Broken Street.

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