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Amuse Society

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Amuse Society
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Amuse Society hosts clothing that is inspired and channelled by a rock ‘n’ roll archetype, infused with a side of a summers day on the beach. Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp created Amuse Society to enable us beach goers to have a young contemporary beach lifestyle brand to look to. Honing in on what is believed to be a beautiful contradiction of pretty and tough with bohemian rock and roll, the girls have described their label as ‘beach vida bling’.
The headquarters is located in Costa Mesa, in sunny California where they employ a diverse group of women who can represent the brand through their own creative expression. The girls wanted the brand to come from a place that allowed its employees to embody the vision through art, design, music and philanthropy, creating a group that will be known as, Amuse Society.
Fry and Rapp’s vision has created a culture that supports women and their crafts. They have dedicated this space within their brand that personifies these women in a collaborative and storytelling way, enabling them to use this label as a vehicle for creative expression.  Amuse society is for that bohemian that is a little wild; everyone has a little wild thing in them.

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