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Wabi Sabi Hoops - SilverWabi Sabi Hoops - Silver
Wabi Sabi Hoops - GoldWabi Sabi Hoops - Gold
Positano Hoops - SilverPositano Hoops - Silver
Amsterdam Hoops - GoldAmsterdam Hoops - Gold
Amsterdam Hoops - SilverAmsterdam Hoops - Silver
Angelica Ring - GoldAngelica Ring - Gold
Mini Apollo Sun Earrings - GoldMini Apollo Sun Earrings - Gold
Pandaia Earrings With Pearl - GoldPandaia Earrings With Pearl - Gold
Santuario Pendant Amethyst - GoldSantuario Pendant Amethyst - Gold
Adele Hoop Earrings - GoldAdele Hoop Earrings - Gold
Hecate Hoop Earrings - GoldHecate Hoop Earrings - Gold
Argos Necklace - SilverArgos Necklace - Silver
Align Earrings - GoldAlign Earrings - Gold
Sparta Ring - GoldSparta Ring - Gold
Tana Ring - GoldTana Ring - Gold
Messene Necklace - GoldMessene Necklace - Gold
Gala Chain Necklace - GoldGala Chain Necklace - Gold
Arcadia Necklace - GoldArcadia Necklace - Gold
Angelique Necklace - SilverAngelique Necklace - Silver
Angelique Necklace - GoldAngelique Necklace - Gold
Adara Necklace - GoldAdara Necklace - Gold
Oracle Necklace - SilverOracle Necklace - Silver
Solana Necklace - GoldSolana Necklace - Gold
Sol Necklace - GoldSol Necklace - Gold
Jaya Garnet Ring - Polished GoldJaya Garnet Ring - Polished Gold
Amytis Ring - GoldAmytis Ring - Gold
Fra Angelico Pendant with Emerald - GoldFra Angelico Pendant with Emerald - Gold
Dina Clarenza Pendant - GoldDina Clarenza Pendant - Gold
Sacre Coeur Flames Pendant - GoldSacre Coeur Flames Pendant - Gold
Gorgoneion Protection Pendant - GoldGorgoneion Protection Pendant - Gold
Dina Clarenza Ring with Tricolour Gems - GoldDina Clarenza Ring with Tricolour Gems - Gold
Puabi Ring - GoldPuabi Ring - Gold
Aegis Ring - GoldAegis Ring - Gold
Salus Studs - GoldSalus Studs - Gold
Gorgoneion Peace Earrings - GoldGorgoneion Peace Earrings - Gold
Serpent Necklace - GoldSerpent Necklace - Gold
Athena Ring - SilverAthena Ring - Silver
Anisha Necklace - GoldAnisha Necklace - Gold
Meander Ring - GoldMeander Ring - Gold
Florence Ring - GoldFlorence Ring - Gold
Meander Ring - SilverMeander Ring - Silver
Sulis Necklace - GoldSulis Necklace - Gold
Esther Necklace - GoldEsther Necklace - Gold
Esther Necklace - SilverEsther Necklace - Silver
Athena Ring - GoldAthena Ring - Gold
Tilia Earrings Apatite - GoldTilia Earrings Apatite - Gold
Tilia Earrings Apatite - SilverTilia Earrings Apatite - Silver
Lyre Earrings Spinel - SilverLyre Earrings Spinel - Silver

Inspired by the moon, the stars, the sunshine and the sea our jewels will steal your heart and effortlessly complete your perfect boho style, keeping your look stunning yet grounded.

For the gypsetter check out our very own label, The Freedom State, for our extensive bohemian jewellery range of Indian exotic wonder. You will seek and find a broad selection of necklaces, septum cuffs, bracelets, anklets and boho earrings that sing diversity and culture.

For the beach babe, think braided hair, delicate crochet and understated, sultry jewels by Desert Wanderer, a label that celebrates life by the sea and the bohemian surf culture. Shells, crystals and refined sterling silver designs are all trademarks of the Desert Wanderer label.

And for the perfect festival or celebration piece come gaze in awe and wonder at our divine and diverse range from local designers. Handmade and exquisite, you will find pieces with tribal influences adorned with charms, turquoise and moonstones, and cowrie shells. With a range so extensive it will blow your boho living, peace loving mind. Grace Bijoux has you covered for jewels from head to toe with intricate head pieces, hair accessories, hand pieces, arm cuffs, belly chains, body chains and leg chains. You will be dancing the night away in true festival, free loving style with dazzling pieces that inspire and delight.

Earth goddesses look no further than Temple of the Sun with quality pieces that sing of soul and authenticity and for the spiritual love and peace seekers Tiger Frame offers a beautiful arrangement of necklaces that resonate with your chakras and complete a refined, pretty and feminine look.

Taking inspiration from natures beauty and faraway places makes each piece unique and divine.  Let your spirit be free, your body adorned and your outfit accessorised with bohemian perfection of jewels from near and far, destined to be worn with confidence, letting your power and beauty shine out to the big wide world and beyond.

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