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Nine Lives Bazaar

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Uma Skirt - MoondustUma Skirt - Moondust
Rocket Sequin Jacket - MoondustRocket Sequin Jacket - Moondust
Sylvie Blouse - PearlSylvie Blouse - Pearl
Temple Blouse - LagoonTemple Blouse - Lagoon
Morrison Pant - DecoMorrison Pant - Deco
Mitzy Knit Dress - DecoMitzy Knit Dress - Deco
Uma Skirt - GingerUma Skirt - Ginger
Everley Shirt - GingerEverley Shirt - Ginger
Jones Jumpsuit - GarnetJones Jumpsuit - Garnet
Penny Skirt - Antique Rose
Dreamweaver Gown - Antique Rose
Save 30%Empire Dress - LapisEmpire Dress - Lapis
Nine Lives Bazaar
Empire Dress - Lapis Sale price$ 174.00 Regular price$ 249.00
Save 21%Leisure Mini Dress - PacificLeisure Mini Dress - Pacific
Nine Lives Bazaar
Leisure Mini Dress - Pacific Sale price$ 149.00 Regular price$ 189.00
Save 31%Sienna Shirt Dress - FuschiaSienna Shirt Dress - Fuschia
Nine Lives Bazaar
Sienna Shirt Dress - Fuschia Sale price$ 199.00 Regular price$ 289.00
Save 30%Natalie Slip Dress - SummertimeNatalie Slip Dress - Summertime
Nine Lives Bazaar
Natalie Slip Dress - Summertime Sale price$ 139.00 Regular price$ 199.00
Save 30%Liberty Oversized Shirt - BambooLiberty Oversized Shirt - Bamboo
Nine Lives Bazaar
Liberty Oversized Shirt - Bamboo Sale price$ 160.00 Regular price$ 229.00
Save 30%Tilly Dress - RosewaterTilly Dress - Rosewater
Nine Lives Bazaar
Tilly Dress - Rosewater Sale price$ 175.00 Regular price$ 249.00
Save 50%Wanderer Maxi Dress - UltravioletWanderer Maxi Dress - Ultraviolet
Nine Lives Bazaar
Wanderer Maxi Dress - Ultraviolet Sale price$ 135.00 Regular price$ 269.00
Save 30%Rio Midi Dress - AcaciaRio Midi Dress - Acacia
Nine Lives Bazaar
Rio Midi Dress - Acacia Sale price$ 189.00 Regular price$ 269.00
Save 50%Shimmy Slip Dress - AntiguaShimmy Slip Dress - Antigua
Nine Lives Bazaar
Shimmy Slip Dress - Antigua Sale price$ 105.00 Regular price$ 209.00
Sold outSave 58%Orchid Blouse - MysticOrchid Blouse - Mystic
Nine Lives Bazaar
Orchid Blouse - Mystic Sale price$ 79.00 Regular price$ 189.00

Step into the Enchanting World of Nine Lives Bazaar

Discover a fashion wonderland where festival fashion meets vintage-inspired prints, and bohemian vibes reign supreme. Nine Lives Bazaar is a delightful brand that has carved its unique niche in the realm of women's fashion with a kaleidoscope of colours and a dash of whimsy.

Fashion as an Art Form: Embrace Your Inner Bohemian Spirit

At Nine Lives Bazaar, fashion is more than just clothing; it's an art form, a celebration of individuality, and an expression of the soul. Their collection of boho dresses and vintage-inspired pieces captures the essence of carefree wanderers and free spirits, transporting you to a bygone era where style knows no boundaries.

Meet the Creative Minds: Rose & Ness

Behind the scenes of Nine Lives Bazaar, you'll find the dynamic duo of Rose & Ness, the passionate founders who breathe life into the brand. Rose, a bohemian fashion enthusiast, brings her eclectic tastes and love for intricate details to the forefront. Her keen eye for unique prints and bohemian aesthetics ensures that each garment tells its own vibrant story.

Meanwhile, Ness, a vintage aficionado, is the driving force behind the brand's nostalgic charm. With her appreciation for all things retro and classic fashion, she curates a selection of vintage-inspired dresses that exude timeless elegance and effortless grace.

Embrace Your True Self: Celebrate Individuality

Together, Rose & Ness have woven their shared passion into the fabric of Nine Lives Bazaar, creating a brand that empowers you to embrace your inner bohemian spirit. With each stitch, they strive to bring joy and a touch of magic to your wardrobe, allowing you to dance through life with style and grace, staying true to yourself.

Where Fashion and Dreams Intertwine

Whether you're twirling under the sun at a music festival or seeking to infuse your everyday life with a touch of bohemian flair, Nine Lives Bazaar is here to accompany you on your sartorial journey. Explore their collection of festival clothing of embroidered cord flared bells and blouses, vintage-inspired prints on mini-dresses, boho dresses and retro printed gowns, and let your inner bohemian spirit soar. Welcome to a world where fashion and dreams intertwine, and every garment tells a unique story, allowing you to be your most authentic and extraordinary self.

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