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With a hugely diverse range of eyewear that is retro inspired and designed for the wild and free, Supa Sundays offer you sunglasses for every occasion and face shape, ready to make a statement.   Supa Sundays is one of Australias leading eyewear brands and the sunglasses are designed and distributed in Adelaide.  Inspired by summer road trips in search of waves, cracked pavements beneath worn in skateboards, endless wild nights and lazy Sundays, the range exudes individuality and is a nod to generations past.  Supa Sundays collection of bold and timeless sunglasses will compliment your unique style – whether it be rocker, romantic, wanderer, gypsy or coastal explorer.  An eyewear brand with an edge and deeply inspired styles is a dream come true for our sunshiny days.  Thank you Supa Sundays!

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