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Pandeia, by Kelsi Vande Velden.

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I truly believe Kelsi Vande Veldon has brought forth true inner sunshine into her creation Pandeia.  If ever there was a designer I love having chats over email with, it's Kelsi.  Such a gorgeous, down to earth girl who seems happy and like a little ray of sunshine, even when she is totally under the pump with her brand. And what a fantastic creation Pandeia is.  And here is a little more about Pandeia from the girl herself..   'I get my inspiration from the past.  I think we have a lot to learn from where we have come.  I base my designs off of antiques and make them my own.  I love the simplicity of the past and that they worked with what was around them.  I feel there is so much technology being pushed into our everyday, that people are straying from what life is all about.  Pandeia is bringing it back to the old school...'

Are there any people that are also are a main source of inspiration to you? 'Honestly every person I have ever met is an inspiration to me.  Each and every soul has something so unique and charming about them.  I try to learn and carry a piece of everyone I meet with me.  My favorite part of Pandeia has been meeting such wonderful, like minded people.  Whether its customers sending me happy images of them with their new watch, or meeting and collaborating with photographers or designers, meeting all of you wonderful people has been the most rewarding part of this journey.  People are the best part of nature!'

What’s the best fun about what you do? 'The best fun of what I do is meeting awesome people!  Another awesome thing is that I can stay in my pyjamas all day, jam good music, and work in my outdoor jungle studio…  Everyday is a blessing and I never know what each day will bring.  I like the element of surprise that comes with owning Pandeia'

What are you excited about that is upcoming for the brand? 'I am excited for so many things!  Like I said each day brings a new adventure.  I look forward into releasing a few killer photo shoots I have been working on, getting into more stores and adding some new things to the collection.  Stay Dialed.


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