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Ancient Wisdom | Vogue China Feb 2014

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Ancient Wisdom

 Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue China February 2014

  I always love a good shoot in the desert. A vast expanse of sky, contrasted against rich sands that go on and on forever.  Or a rugged terrain piercing the blue expanse with it's rocky points.  So many looks can be achieved in one backdrop. Can I just say, I'm in love with this Editorial for Vogue China, Ancient Wisdom.  Incorporating natures gifts as the Ancients did; feathers, shell, bone and amazing textural fabrics that blend perfectly with the 'set'. It invites me to further explore. Inspiration, I'm seeing tribal, bohemian and the drama of a 1960's movie.  This isn't just a shoot one can skim over, there are too many elements in each shot to draw you in...  

iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-10 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-32 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-42 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-52 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-62 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-72 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-82 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-92 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-2014-111 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-20142 iselin-steiro-by-sc3b8lve-sundsbc3b8-for-vogue-china-20143

Publication: Vogue China February 2014 Model: Iselin Steiro Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø Fashion Editor: Anastasia Barbieri Hair: Duffy Make-up: Karim Rahman

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