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Littledoe is Love & Spring is for lovers

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Littledoe is Love & Spring is for lovers

Hello Spring! We have been waiting for you! The month for new growth, new life, love and.. wedding season! Now is the time where brides are on the hunt for those last minute essentials for their big day as it draws closer.  And wedding guests are wildly searching for that perfect spring dress that will make them feel 'almost' as beautiful as the bride.

So while I was pondering Spring fever and how much I wish I had a wedding to go to, I remembered a label that I have admired for years from afar, Littledoe.

Littledoe craft amazing headpieces, hats, and gorgeous adornments for seriously cool people, but also bohemian brides can find the perfect head piece with embellishments and feathers to boot.  And not forgetting the gents, if your dude is in to that sort of thing- fab!

Their shoots continue on a theme of the dreamy and whimsical, where their pieces fall perfectly into the surroundings of a soft uber-cool late 60's vibe.  Even their more colourful themes still take you away on a ride to a kaleidoscope castle in the sky.

Here is a trip down memory lane of Littledoe and their amazing collections..


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