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Article: Australian Style - Identified

Australian Style - Identified

Australian Style - Identified

What is it about Australian style that's so easily identified when in another country? Yes, quite often it's the one's wearing a reasonably nice outfit , then chooses to wear a plugger with it because's the easiest most convenient option. Cringe. And of course theres the odd, dare we say it 'stretched out wife beater singlet' that apparently made a come back in main stream fashion around 2000. Daggy is quite often used to describe a quintessential Aussies style,  although there are many factors that constitute an appreciated Australian influenced style , and in our option somewhat underrated. 
With a culture that revels in a generally more laid back approach, outback influenced under currents are evident in more recent influential Australian designers campaigns .Light cotton Victorian-esk layering meets a desert inspired mix of soft earthy tones and bohemian florals -  The magic of it all is its pairing with the infamous RM Williams boot or structured hat such as the one and only ..... Akubra. Nothing beats stark white cotton against the infamous Australian outback palette.
A well put together 'un-done' look on an Australian girl goes without saying - sexy. A natural, effortless approach to fashion that isn't easily replicated - It's also about practicality. It's emersion is a result of Australian culture.  
Of course great inspiration can be taken from films like Picnic at Hanging Rock, Tracks and even Pricilla Queen Of The Desert. We revel in this sunburnt land and crystal waters influence on what encapsulates this appreciated emergence  of style in the fashion world. 


Here are the essentials for an all Australian guide to style






The Boot

Obviously first and foremost with Australian influenced style it derives from a sense of practicality. Its wild and rugged down under so you can always count on a good boot to take you from wild coastline to rugged outback adventures easily. Shop our very own boots that we strongly recommend for such adventures no matter your destination HERE.

The Hat

We all know Aus gets hot - in fact the Australian outback is one of the hottest places on earth! So its imperative a good hat is always on hand! No we're not encouraging you to don the old cork swinging number - obviously we stand behind the Akubra for many reasons but we do have an array of hats that fit the look in store HERE

The Overshirt

 Cotton's and khakis. The Aussie over shirt is another practical emersion of an adapted key piece. Breezy white cotton or heavy duty twill it was used to keep the skin protected from the scorching sun and incessant flies - now it remains to be a go to item that instantly gives a little white dress desert-red. Shop our collection of shirts HERE.

All Things Breezy

 layer it, texture it - own it. It's all about those little layered accents like a cotton voile scarf or multi purpose sarong. There are no limits.

The Trusty Neckerchief

 It wasn't there to simply look like pretty, or to knock off the all loved American Western look, drenched in water and placed around your neck, the neckerchief is there to keep your body temp down in the semi-arid desert settings. 


Vintage Guidebook To Aussie Flora & Fauna

 To really discover what tall the hype is about, rummage through a small town op-shop for one that's walked the miles - it'll be worth it.


Spell & The Gypsy Collective have truly captured an essence of Australian beauty and style in such a way that's often hard to portray to an ordinance that misinterprets what Aussie influenced style actually is. 

Visit our recent post featuring the collection HERE.

Wild Thing, Spell & The Gypsy Collective Campaign.

Vogue Australia 1990, By Bruce Webber 

lack Of Color
Nicole Kidman, Vogue Australia.
Robyn Davison, Tracks Author.
We recently stumbled across Lauren Bamford, Photographer who created these epic all Australian shots  <3. 

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