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Article: All Things Festive - Boogie On Down

All Things Festive - Boogie On Down

All Things Festive - Boogie On Down

All Things Festive

Boogie On Down

In-store festive lust have's and a few 'must do's' while your amongst the most exciting energy of the year!


It's that time of year again! The strap those dancing shoes on and shimmy the long festive nights into dawn time!  Warm afternoons that seep into a long sunset welcoming what could possibly be some of the most memorable nights of our lives. Its been a jam packed year here at The Freedom State and we don't know about you, but we are excited to see this year go out with a glittering BANG! Vibes are high with work Christmas parties, events and festivities filling up the calendar fast and before we know it we'll be counting down the last few seconds of 2018 with champaign and your posse party on a beach or hilltop like no other moment ever existed!

BOOGIE DOWNTime To Shine Slip Dress. 







Gala Earrings, Luxe Nail polish.




We thought we'd share a few things that we love to do during the festive season!

1. Throw a backyard soiree.  lavishly laden the trees and anything that can be in festoon lights and watch the magic unfold. Throw textiles out on the lawn, create your very own festive cocktails in vintage glasses and why not make it themed! Everyone revels in a themed shindig! Don't hold back with the 'more is more' approach on the food platters and to top it all of make sure your playlist is thoughtfully curated - this is after all the most important part!
2. Keep it low key and have Fristmas! (Friends Christmas ;).)
Get your whole gang together and claim your spot on the sand like an Aussie should. Have secret Santa and other festive games!
3. Bring your gang together and make hampers for the less fortunate. Start a collective where you are able to create something for a community in your local area that are doing it tough this time of year 
4. The never fail dance hotspot - Book a table at your favourite spot for sunset drinks and dinner before getting amongst the DF.
5. Throw a street party! It's the best way to get to know your neighbours so do a letter box drop and invite everyone out into the street for festive fairy light gazing and a BBQ. 
6. What could be better than a bottle of champaign and movie night to reign in the good times? We like to pic a couple of good chick flicks like The Holiday & Boogie Nights ;).


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