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Summer Naturals

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Summer Naturals 

Bohemian Neutrals To Take You Through Summer 

 Taking the neutral approach to your Summer wardrobe can be fresh, opening a new door of femininity without the need of excessive summer colours and prints. Take your moment under the sun and bask in the magic of neutral in linens and cottons. 

 Making the switch down the neutral path can feel like your taking the 'lesser approach' or a 'less than' vibe, though the energy exchange can really shake things up getting you ready for blistering days under the sun kicking up some dust.





Clockwise from left: Wanderer Boater Hat, Juz Sunglasses, Cuba Ribbed Tank, Jungle Midi Sundress, Wishful Moments Blouse,  Cherish Nail Polish, Chloe Bag,  Winston Shorts, Luca Wrap Top.

Think mimicking sunset hues and natural floral maxi dresses, airy lengths and open blouses. Lightweight strewn outfits tied together with textural elements such as a wistful travel scarf or tonal pinstripe shirt. When curating a neutral collection its fun to play with fabrics that vary in translucence allowing the occasional neutral lace bralette to expose it's delicate detail through your cotton shirt, or giving a glimpse of soft tonal layering of a desertscape palette.  

It's clear layering neutrals played it's relevant role in 1990's trends, often paired with a creamy tan and find gold jewelled trimmings - Thank you Jen Anniston, we're  taking a leaf out of you beige book!


Linda Shirt Dress

Summer Nights Crop Pants


Jungle Midi Sundress 


Coco Rancher 


Leyla Earrings

Pastel Forest Picnic Rug

Sweet Jane Mini Dress 

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Collation of images taken from Pinterest. 

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