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Article: Knitwear, Jackets, Jeans & Boots | Winter is here!

Knitwear, Jackets, Jeans & Boots | Winter is here!

Knitwear, Jackets, Jeans & Boots | Winter is here!

Winter is here, so what are you going to wear?

Whether you are a lover or hater of winter, you can’t ignore the sheer delight in getting cosy in your woolliest of wears! Are we hearing a harmonious hallelujah for knitwear, jeans, long sleeve tops, boots and jackets? Not blaming you!

 Amuse Society

Year after year Amuse Society release jackets to-die-for!


Our range of knitwear from brands like Rowie, Amuse Society and Free People will help in giving you that lived in from couch to café vibe. Without looking like you’ve literally turned off your favourite episode of Friends and rolled into your car. If you have, we aren’t judging, but merely admiring and let’s be frank, we are jealous!



So, how do you get that lived in look? Let’s break it down for you!
The first step is to grab your favourite pair of Levi ripped mum jeans, a ratty tatty tee and pair it with the Fae Knit from Rowie (we totally adore the Celeste colour-way in its powder blue beauty) or Seaside Longline Knit Cardigan, chuck on your Ugg’s or to dress up slightly, your boots and off to the café you go in pure comfort.

Free People Tee Seaside Long Cardigan Fae Knit by ROWIE 
 Free People Tee & Jeans, Amuse Society Seaside Cardi & Fae Knit by Rowie in Celeste colour.


For those days where it’s a bit nippy in the shade but beautiful in the sunshine. You can’t go past a simple slip dress and a long sleeve top to throw over the top for that casual cool look. Add one of our Seaside Boaters by Lack of Color and you are well and truly ready for a day of long lunching. Pass the rosé!

Seaside Boater

Seaside Boater by Lack of Color


Night time is always harder, no doubt! It’s a fine line trying not to look like your about to go to bed. So, we can recommend our Sorrento Maxi Dress in one of our neutral colours (it’s so warm with it’s thicker viscose material), Tan Chicko Boots, some Temple of the Sun layered gold and the ultra rad Eyes On You Surplus Jacket by Free People.

Eyes on you jacket 

Eyes On You Surplus Jacket - Free People
Sorrento Dress Sorrento Dress Sunset Sorrento Dress White 
Our very own Sorrento Dresses in Straw, Sunset & White



New colours in our very own Chicko Boots


If you were a hater of winter prior to reading this blog, we hope that by giving you a play by play on morning, lunch and night time winter looks its turned that frown upside down! But when in doubt, head on in to our Burleigh Heads showroom or give us a call for any questions you may have with our online stock. One things certain, we’ve got your winter wardrobe sorted at The Freedom State.


See what we have available in Outerwear online HERE

We always stock our Chicko Boots in store so see what we have available HERE

Grab a Lack Of Color hat to complete your winter look HERE

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