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Article: Saya Skincare | Glow vs. Renew Serum

Saya Skincare | Glow vs. Renew Serum

Saya Skincare | Glow vs. Renew Serum

Saya Skin in bath

Glow VS Renew Serum.

Who is going to win this illustrious skin battle?

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When it comes to Saya Skincare’s serums, are you team Glow or Renew? We are here to let you know which one's for you!

If by our blog title, we have you feeling some kind of way towards going to battle for loving on one or the other, sorry! Truthfully, there isn't even a skin war to be had! The beautiful thing about the Glow and Renew serums are that they don’t fight against each other and can actually be used together for a winning skin knock out! Alternatively, they can be used singularly to address particular skin concerns.


Layer your skincare

But what is so amazing about each individual serum?

Let’s start with the Glow serum benefits:
This water-based product contains Vitamin C sourced from Kakadu Plums and Hyaluronic Acid (an acid that acts like a big drink of water for your skin).
It aids in neutralising free radical damage, brightening, replenishing skin hydration and tends to complexion concerns like dullness, uneven skin tones, acne scars, pigmentation and texture.
With all water-based products, be sure to use directly after cleansing and toning and before any other oils or moisturisers. 
Glow Serum Benefits
Renew Serum explained:
Whilst the Renew serum is an oil-based product (always use after any water-based products) that is fuelled with Bakuchiol (a natural retinol alternative; great for pregnant or breastfeeding mummas) and 15 other botanical powerhouses. It stimulates skin cell renewal + skin damage with its nourishing oils.
Our customers with fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and elasticity issues have commented on how much the Renew serum has alleviated their skin issues.
Renew Serum Explained


Overwhelmed with how many skin concerns can be addressed via two serums? Well, we are just at the tip of the iceberg. Head to our beauty products to view both serums and all relevant information on these. Saya also has a wealth of information on their own website about their ingredients which assist in making skincare decisions.

Or, if you are local to our Burleigh Showroom, we are so very lucky to have Vee in store, who is a trained dermal therapist and an absolute wealth of skin knowledge! She loves nothing more than chatting about this topic.

We hope this has debunked some questions and got your skin excited to try one (or both) of these nourishing serums by our loves at Saya Skincare. 



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